Monarch Butterflies on the Rebound?

The last few years have been tough on monarch butterflies. Roundup®, a widely used agricultural herbicide, kills the milkweed plants monarchs require for egg-laying. (Genetically modified crops resist the effects of Roundup®.) The late summer migration from temperate zones to the mountains of central Mexico can be disrupted by severe September weather. And even after monarchs reach the relative safety of oyamel fir forests in the mountains of central Mexico, winter storms can wreak havoc.

Thanks to these and other factors, the monarch population is down 90% over the last 20 years. This year, however, monarch watchers report that midwest monarch numbers are up.

Dr. Chip Taylor, director of Project MonarchWatch (, is hopeful despite last winter’s all-time low monarch numbers. These gorgeous orange and black butterflies occupied just a single acre of habitat last winter.

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In his July monarch status report, Taylor predicted, “a modest increase in the number of monarchs in migration and at overwintering sites this winter.”

He bases his optimism on several factors.

1. Though last year’s winter population was low, it seemed to winter well.

2. Weather in Texas in March and April was favorable for milkweed growth.

3. Late spring temperatures in the southern plains helped first generation monarchs survive and move northward.

Taylor acknowledges the challenges facing monarchs, but sees MonarchWatch’s tagging program, “as a way to monitor their numbers and track the origins of the monarchs that reach Mexico.”

Volunteers tag monarchs by capturing adult monarchs in late summer or raising adult butterflies in captivity and attaching tiny, self-adhesive paper tags with a unique number to the underside of a wing. Much of what we know about monarch migration and survival comes from recovering these tags on monarch wintering grounds.

“The number of monarchs tagged each year roughly parallels the numbers recorded in Mexico each winter, giving us an independent assessment of the numbers in migration,” Taylor explains. “Regional tagging success also helps by demonstrating how monarchs respond to physical conditions and the habitats they use. Thus, tagging is an important tool to help us understand the overall dynamics of the monarch population.”

Dr. Lincoln Brower, who began studying monarchs in 1954 and is a retired professor at Sweet Briar College in Virginia, prefers to wait until researchers visit the Mexican wintering sites in December to evaluate the size of the overwintering population.

“We know that monarch density averages about 20 million per acre on the wintering grounds, so after we determine how much winter habitat is occupied, we can more confidently estimate the size of the overwintering population,” Brower told me recently.

In the meantime, monarch conservationists are working to have monarchs listed as a threatened species. The Center for Biological Diversity, the Xerces Society and the Center for Food Safety are leading this movement.

Though monarchs still number in the millions, they are at risk because the entire eastern population overwinters on just a few acres of montane fir habitat in Mexico. One deep freeze or a snowstorm could wipe them out in a matter of days.

Furthermore, here in the U.S., over the last 20 years that have seen a 90% population decline, monarchs have lost more than 165 million acres of milkweed habitat.

“Monarchs are in a deadly free fall, and the threats they face are now so large in scale Endangered Species Act protection is needed sooner rather than later, while there is still time to reverse the severe decline in the heart of their range,” Brower said.

“The widespread decline of monarchs is driven by the massive spraying of herbicides on genetically engineered crops, which has virtually eliminated monarch habitat in cropland that dominates the Midwest landscape,” said Bill Freese, a science policy analyst for the Center for Food Safety. “Doing what is needed to protect monarchs will also benefit pollinators and other valuable insects, and thus safeguard our food supply.”

To learn more about monarch conservation, visit or At Monarch Watch you can also learn how to get tags for next year and how to obtain milkweed plants for establishing milkweed gardens.

~~  Dr. Scott Shalaway - 2222 Fish Ridge Road, Cameron, WV 26033 ~~

Mann to Perform Senior Fiddle Recital - Today

Glenville State College Bluegrass Music major Robbie Mann will perform his Senior Fiddle Recital on Sunday, September 21, 2014 at 3:00 PM in the GSC Fine Arts Center Auditorium.

The recital is free to attend and open to the public.

The Gilmer Free Press

Mann, from Berkeley Springs (Morgan County) West Virginia, began studying classical violin at the Shenandoah University for the Arts at age six. At the age of 13, Mann changed his focus from classical studies to Appalachian folk music under the tutelage of master fiddler Joe Hermann.

When Mann turned 16 years old he was introduced to Buddy Griffin who, at the time, was directing GSC’s Bluegrass Program. Mann auditioned for the GSC Bluegrass Band and eventually enrolled in the four-year Bluegrass Music degree program at GSC where he is entering his senior year.

“Robbie first came to us playing the old-time fiddle style. Buddy Griffin and I have been able to work with him on various instruments throughout his career here. It’s exciting to watch him mature musically. There is no doubt that he and those accompanying him have been working extremely hard this semester to put on a great Senior Recital. We would like to invite everyone out for a free evening of bluegrass influenced music,” said GSC Bluegrass Music Program Director Megan Darby.

“Being a Bluegrass Major at GSC has given me the resources and knowledge necessary to venture into the world as a performing musician with confidence,“ said Mann.

During his recital Mann will be joined by GSC Adjunct Instructor of Piano and Fine Arts Department accompanist Anita White, GSC’s Bluegrass Band, and The Allegheny Ramblers, a strings-based folk band made up of Mann and three other GSC students.

For more information about the recital or the GSC Bluegrass Degree Program, contact Darby at or 304.462.6347.


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September 30, 2014 6:00 PM -  Gilmer County Senior Center

Gilmer County Farm Bureau will be hosting their first Educational Dinner Meeting on September 30, 2014 at the Gilmer County Senior Citizens Center in Glenville.

The Educational Meeting is open to the public and we encourage everyone to attend.

The Guest Speaker for this dinner will be our very own native, Dr. H.R. Scott, originally from the Linn Area in Gilmer County, who will be talking extensively about Fall/Winter Pasture Management.

Dr. Scott is currently holding the position of Monongalia County Extension Agent.

He is very knowledgeable in forages, fertilization, pesticides, livestock production, and invasive species.

Dr. Scott attended Gilmer County High School, graduated Glenville State College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology (1974), and received his Master of Science Degree from WVU (1976).

The dinner will begin at 6:00 PM with a $5 cover charge for the meal to be collected at the door, followed by the Fall/Winter Pasture Management Program.

You must pre-register for the meal by contacting Pat Nestor at 304.462.4318 or e-mail at   by September 22, 2014.

Call the contact listed if you want more information, directions to the center or questions about reservations.

We hope to have many local and surrounding counties attend this event and are looking forward to having another one in our county if there is enough interest. 

G-Eye™: Pedro Montgomery’s Elephant Ear’s

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Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image.
~~  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ~~

Schools Receive Funding for Green Apple Sustainability Projects

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Eleven sustainability-conscious schools throughout the state have received funding for Green Apple Day of Service projects, which will take place September 26 and September 27. The selected schools will share $16,000 in mini-grant funding from ZMM Architects and the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection.

Green Apple Day of Service is an opportunity for students, teachers, parents and community members to volunteer with local schools in an effort to create learning environments that are safer, healthier and more efficient.

The schools and projects that received funding are as follows:

• Alban Elementary School in Kanawha County will build mini-greenhouses, plant flowers and create signage on September 27 from 10 AM to 3 PM.

• Charleston Montessori School in Kanawha County will conduct an energy audit and explain the benefits of an energy audit and sustainable practices to students on September 26.

• Confidence Elementary School in Putnam County will host teachers, staff, students, parents and community members to plan activities and determine how to use the grant on September 26 from 9 PM to 11 PM.

• Edgewood Elementary School in Kanawha County will host building walk-throughs on September 26 to inform students and parents about the building’s sustainable features.

• Elk Center Elementary School in Kanawha County will retrofit the locker room with low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints, low-flow shower heads and shower curtains made from recycled materials on September 27 from 8 AM to 4 PM

Hacker Valley School in Webster County will construct a greenhouse and prepare flower beds on September 27.

• Hamlin PK-8 in Lincoln County will create vegetable gardens and a natural playground landscape on September 27 at 10 AM.

• Hometown Elementary School in Putnam County will fund a Trout Unlimited project. On September 27, a pie social will be held in the gym from 5 PM to 7 PM.

• Horace Mann Middle School in Kanawha County will build a natural habitat for butterflies, bees and birds on September 27 from 9 AM to Noon.

• Independence Middle School in Raleigh County will plant native plants and trees on the school’s campus on September 27 at 9 AM.

Washington District Elementary School in Upshur County will purchase a recycling bin and will kick off a paper drive on September 27.

To learn more about Green Apple Day of Service, or to volunteer for an event, visit

Movie Review: ‘Last Days in Vietnam’ - The Stories Behind the Iconic Images

One of the most memorable scenes from “The Unknown Known,” Errol Morris’s unsettling portrait of former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld, was the now-iconic shot of American servicemen pushing helicopters overboard during the evacuation of Saigon in 1975, while Rumsfeld said, “Some things work out, some things don’t.” That footage, overlaid with what amounted to Rumsfeld’s rhetorical equivalent of a what-are-ya-gonna-do shrug, seemed to encapsulate so much about hubris and self- deception and the cyclical nature of defeat.

But with “Last Days in Vietnam,” filmmaker Rory Kennedy goes deeper into the reality behind the image, turning it from a symbol of loss into a portrait of courage, humanity and pride. There’s still no question that those final days and hours in Saigon, when thousands of U.S. operatives and South Vietnamese clamored to escape an encroaching North Vietnamese army, were fraught with pain, even betrayal. But in this judicious, deeply moving account of that episode, Kennedy illuminates the human — and humane — responses to the situation that have hitherto been forgotten or lost to history entirely.

The Gilmer Free Press

Using archival footage and present-day interviews, Kennedy effectively plunges viewers back into the years following the 1973 peace accords, when between 5,000 and 7,000 U.S. military advisers and diplomats were still in South Vietnam. Although one condition of the accords was that America would come to its ally’s aid in the event of an incursion from the north, the resignation of President Richard M. Nixon made that a moot point. When the south indeed become vulnerable, a war-weary Congress and the American populace they represented effectively put the kibosh on more aid, either for military support or an orderly evacuation.

That left the Americans on the ground, who were led by Ambassador Graham Martin, described in the film as a courtly gentleman who felt honor-bound not to abandon his post nor to panic the South Vietnamese people with whom he had come to feel strong allegiance. While Martin held firm against evacuation as the North Vietnamese troops headed toward Saigon, his military aides came up with a “black op” strategy, whereby they secretly got their South Vietnamese allies and their families out of the country by boats, planes and any subterfuge necessary.

In Kennedy’s scrupulous, adroit hands, “Last Days in Vietnam” plays like a wartime thriller, with heroes engaging in jaw- dropping feats of ingenuity and derring do. The most shocking episode takes place on the Kirk, one of the U.S. ships that was standing by to accept refugees as they were helicoptered into the harbor off Saigon. As Kennedy makes clear, those copters were being shoved off the deck, not as a gesture of giving up, but to make room for more people.

“The Last Days in Vietnam,” at its core, is about moral courage — the bravery to confront the question of “who goes and who gets left behind,” as retired Army colonel Stuart Herrington puts it. Within the context of a war perceived through the scrim of so much misgiving and moral outrage, Kennedy finds heroes who were willing to ask that tough question, and put everything on the line to answer it.

★ ★ ★ ★

Unrated. Contains adult themes and war imagery. 98 minutes.

Sports News

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►   MEC Football Roundup - Week 3

Fairmont State 40, Glenville State 36 | Final Stats

Fairmont State held off Glenville State, 40-36, to pick up its first win of the season on Saturday at Duvall-Rosier Field. The Falcons improved to 1-2 on the year and 1-2 in MEC play, while Glenville State dropped to 0-3 on the year and 0-3 in league play.

After being held in check a week ago, FSU quarterback Cooper Hibbs got back on track completing 25-of-36 passes for 384 yards with three touchdowns and one interception. Daniel Monroe added 55 yards on the ground and Terrell Charles contributed 46 yards and one rushing touchdown.

Rahmann Lee averaged 15.7 yards per carry on 14 attempts for 220 yards with a touchdown, and added seven catches for 80 yards to lead the GSC attack. Backfield mate Tevin Drake carried 17 times for 98 yards. Pioneer quarterback Sean Steele was 18-of-27 for 183 yards and three touchdowns.

FSU scored the first 24 points in the game, but a Lee 52-yard touchdown run and a Drake 14-yard TD reception cut the Pioneer deficit to 24-14 at the break. The Falcons then got a touchdown and a safety to start the third quarter  to make it 33-14 before GSC mounted a rally. The Pioneers would eventually cut the lead to 40-36 with 3:29 to go after Dante Roberts scored from four yards out, and would get the ball back at their own 45. However, a false start penalty and a sack by FSU’s Trevor Malnick derailed the Pioneers comeback and Fairmont State held on for the win.    

Notre Dame 47, West Virginia Wesleyan 44 | Final Stats

Notre Dame’s Ray Russ found Kyle Perkins from 34 yards out with 3:32 left in the game to lift the Falcons to a 47-44 win over West Virginia Wesleyan on Saturday.

Russ finished the game 24-of-44 for 325 yards with three touchdowns. Kenneth Butler added 148 yards on 38 carries for the Falcons in the victory. Kyle Kaplan added four field goals for NDC (3-0, 3-0).

West Virginia Wesleyan (1-2, 1-2) was paced by 435 yards passing and six touchdowns from quarterback Jeremy Musselman. Zach Schademan was on the receiving end of four of those from Musselman and finished with 191 yards receiving. However, WVWC managed just 60 yards on the ground. Both teams finished exactly with 495 yards of total offense. 

Trailing 27-17 at the half, West Virginia Wesleyan pulled to within a touchdown heading into the fourth quarter after Musselman’s fourth touchdown pass of the day, and then tied it early in the fourth quarter on his fifth. Kaplan broke the tie with a 40-yard field goal, but the Bobcats took the lead for the first time since early in the first quarter on a 15-yard TD pass from Musselman to Schademan. Russ then engineered the game-winning, 10-play, 73-yard drive, capping it with a 34-yard touchdown pass to Kyle Perkins.

No. 11 Shepherd 42, Urbana 7 | Final Stats

Eleventh-ranked Shepherd kept rolling with a 42-7 road win over Urbana on Saturday. 

Shepherd (3-0, 3-0) remained undefeated in Mountain East Conference play with the win. The Rams have now won 12-straight conference games dating back to last season. Urbana (1-2, 1-2), meanwhile, dropped back-to-back conference games for the first time since 2007.

The Rams rushed for 187 yards and had four rushing touchdowns in the game, led by Jabre Lolley’s 91 yards and two TDs. Quarterback Jeff Ziemba was 17-of-22 for 239 yards and a pair of scores. He has yet to be picked off this season. 

SU held Urbana to just 212 yards of total offense in the game. Cale Burdyshaw was 8-of-15 for 58 yards passing with a touchdown, and also carried the ball four times for a team-best 56 yards. Octavius Thomas led the defensive effort for the Rams with nine total tackles, including 1.5 for a loss, and C.J. Davis picked off his third pass of the season.

West Liberty 38, West Virginia State 16 | Final Stats

West Liberty picked up its second win in as many weeks with a 38-16 victory over West Virginia State.

The ‘Toppers (2-1, 2-1) were led by quarterback Dakota Conwell who passed for 135 yards and three scores and added 103 rushing yards. Anton McCallum hauled in two TD receptions and Dylan Potts had four catches for 71 yards and a touchdown.

Alec Wood led WLU with 11 tackles on defense as the WLU defense held West Virginia State (1-3, 0-2) to just 55 yards rushing. WVSU quarterback Matt Kinnick was 20-of-39 passing for 202 yards with two touchdowns for the Yellow Jackets.

After a scoreless first half, WLU struck first on a Ben Rogers 51-yard punt return for a touchdown. McCallum then added his two TD receptions in that quarter to put the ‘Toppers up comfortably at 21-0 at the half. The Yellow Jackets remained within striking distance at 28-10 after three quarters, but a Lukas Turley two-yard touchdown run and a 25-yard field goal from Shawn Carl put the game out of reach midway through the fourth quarter as WVSU would add a late touchdown.

Charleston 30, UVa-Wise 14 | Final Stats

The University of Charleston opened up its home portion of the 2014 schedule with a 30-14 win over UVa-Wise on Saturday.

The Golden Eagles (3-0, 2-0) used a 27-point outburst in the second quarter to seize control of the game. UC did it with big plays as Marvin Elam scored on a 16-yard carry, Torie Wagner returned a punt 69 yards for a score and Joey Augustin caught a 38-yard pass from Jordan Paul to help spark the scoring in the quarter.

Elam finished the game with 124 yards rushing on 23 carries with a pair of touchdowns. Paul was 8-of-12 passing for 151 yards with one touchdown and one interception. Augustin finished with 136 yards receiving. Justin Avery led UC on defense with 10 tackles including two tackles for a loss and a sack. 

UVa-Wise (0-3, 0-3) had 198 yards rushing led by Andre Dickerson’s 70 yards. However, UVa-Wise was limited to just 61 yards through the air. Marcus Jones had 13 total tackles for the Cavs. 

Concord 37, Bowie State 34 | Final Stats

Concord held off Bowie State, 37-34, to avenge last year’s loss to the Bulldogs and improve to 3-0 on the season.

Concord raced out to a 24-0 lead at the half, and then added another touchdown on its first possession of the third quarter to go ahead 31-0 before the Bulldogs started to rally. Trevin Bennett tossed three touchdown passes and Kendall Jefferson scored from a yard out to cut the Mountain Lion lead to just 31-27 with still 14:06 left in the fourth quarter.

Ryan Stewart hauled in his third touchdown reception of the game, but the extra point attempted failed to make it 37-27 in favor of Concord. Bennett rushed for a touchdown with 4:36 to go to get the Bulldogs to within a field goal at 37-34, and got the ball back with less than two minutes left in the game after a Brian Novak interception at his own 37-yard line. BSU converted a 4th-and-10, and faced another fourth down from the Concord 14-yard line where the Bulldogs opted to go for the win. However, Bennett’s pass on 4th-and-2 was incomplete, and CU held on for the victory.

Novak threw for 419 yards on 27-of-39 passing with four touchdowns and two interceptions. Calvinaugh Jones added a season-high 141 yards on the ground for the Mountain Lions, and T.J. Smith added seven catches for 149 yards and a touchdown. Gary Saylor led Concord on defense with eight tackles, and Darryl Johnson added seven stops, including two for a loss. 

BSU’s Bennet was 24-of-50 passing for 349 yards with three touchdowns, and added 55 yards on the ground and another score.

The Gilmer Free Press

►   Perine, No. 4 Oklahoma Trample West Virginia

Samaje Perine picked up 242 yards rushing and scored four times as No. 4 Oklahoma used its ground attack to fuel a second-half surge and outscore West Virginia, 45-33, in an interconference clash from Puskar Stadium.

Trevor Knight finished 16-of-29 for 205 yards and caught a TD from Durron Neal for the Sooners (4-0, 1-0 Big 12), who gave head coach Bob Stoops his 100th conference victory.

Alex Ross contributed 56 yards on eight carries and also returned a kick 100 yards for a touchdown, while Sterling Shepard posted 101 yards on six receptions.

Clint Trickett’s air attack struck for 376 yards and two scores on 25-of-41 passing with two interceptions for the Mountaineers (2-2, 0-1).

Kevin White led all receivers with 173 yards and a TD on 10 catches, and Mario Alford added 101 yards and another score on seven grabs. Rushel Shell and Dreamius Smith posted rushing touchdowns in defeat.

The Gilmer Free Press

►   Marshall Eases Past Akron, 48-17

Remi Watson rushed for 124 yards, including an 80-yard touchdown run, Devon Johnson added 103 yards rushing and a touchdown to help Marshall beat Akron 48-17 on Saturday.

Rakeem Cato threw for 210 yards with one passing touchdown and two rushing TDs for Marshall (4-0).

The Thundering Herd has scored 40 or more points in their first four games of the season, their first such streak since 1938.

Marshall’s defense forced four Akron turnovers, intercepting quarterback Kyle Pohl twice and recovering two fumbles.

The Thundering Herd scored the first 24 points of the game, before Akron got on the scoreboard with a 24-yard field goal by Robert Stein.

Marshall would then rip off 17 more in a row until a Manny Morgan 11-yard touchdown gave the Zips their first touchdown with 8:03 remaining in the game.

The Gilmer Free Press


Final Score: (1) Florida State 23, (22) Clemson 17 (OT)

In the absence of reigning Heisman trophy winner Jameis Winston, top-ranked Florida State managed to steal an overtime win over No. 22 Clemson on Saturday and continue the nation’s longest winning streak. Karlos Williams rushed for 25 of his 45 yards in the extra session and his 12-yard touchdown gave the Seminoles a 23-17 win. Winston, who was originally suspended for the opening half for shouting a lewd comment at the student union earlier in the week, was given a game ban by school officials late on Friday night. Sean Maguire, Winston’s replacement, made his first-career start and threw for 305 yards on 21-of-39 passing with a touchdown and two interceptions in the win, Florida State’s 19th consecutive victory. With the game tied at 17-17 heading into overtime, Clemson opened with the ball and was faced with a 4th-and-1. Tigers kicker Ammon Lakip missed a pair of field goals in regulation, so head coach Dabo Swinney opted to go for it. The Florida State defense stepped up, stuffing Adam Choice at the line for a turnover on downs. Williams then bolted up the middle for 13 yards on the Seminoles’ first play in the extra session before bouncing a run to the outside for the winning touchdown.

Final Score: (2) Oregon 38, Washington State 31

Marcus Mariota threw for 329 yards on 21- of-25 passing and five touchdowns to lead the second-ranked Oregon Ducks to a 38-31 win over the Washington State. Devon Allen and Keanon Lowe each recorded over 100 yards receiving and a pair of touchdowns, with Allen hauling in seven passes for 142 yards and Lowe catching five for 104. With the game tied at 31- apiece late in the fourth, Mariota led a 9-play, 79-yard drive that resulted in a 6-yard scoring strike to Lowe and gave the Ducks (4-0, Pac-12 1-0) the lead. Washington State (1-3, 0-1) quarterback Connor Halliday, who tossed for 436 yards and four touchdowns, immediately answered on the Cougars’ ensuing possession, hitting Vince Mayle for a 34-yard pass to the Oregon 35. Jamal Morrow was stuffed for a loss of three on the following play, then two straight incompletions prior to a sack by Tony Washington gave the ball back to Oregon. Mariota passed to Pharaoh Brown for 27 yards on 3rd-and-1 and the Ducks ran out the remainder of the clock to secure their eighth consecutive victory over Washington State.

Final Score: (3) Alabama 42, Florida 21

Blake Sims threw for career highs of 445 yards and four touchdowns to help third-ranked Alabama overcome a slew of early mistakes and pull away for a 42-21 win over Florida at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Despite committing four turnovers that led to all 21 Florida points, the Crimson Tide (4-0, 1-0 SEC) remained undefeated behind magnificent performances from Sims and wide receiver Amari Cooper. Sims completed 23-of-33 passes with one interception in his fourth career start, while Cooper racked up personal bests of 201 yards and three touchdowns on 10 catches. Derrick Henry added 111 rushing yards and a touchdown on 20 carries for an Alabama attack that finished with 645 total yards, the most allowed by Florida (2-1, 1-1) in program history. Jeff Driskel threw a touchdown pass to Valdez Showers and ran for another score, but managed just 93 yards on a 9-of-28 completion rate in the Gators’ sixth loss in their last seven SEC games.

Final Score: (4) Oklahoma 45, West Virginia 33

Samaje Perine picked up 242 yards rushing and scored four times as No. 4 Oklahoma used its ground attack to fuel a second-half surge and outscore West Virginia, 45-33, in an interconference clash from Puskar Stadium. Trevor Knight finished 16-of-29 for 205 yards and caught a TD from Durron Neal for the Sooners (4-0, 1-0 Big 12), who gave head coach Bob Stoops his 100th conference victory. Alex Ross contributed 56 yards on eight carries and also returned a kick 100 yards for a touchdown, while Sterling Shepard posted 101 yards on six receptions. Clint Trickett’s air attack struck for 376 yards and two scores on 25-of-41 passing with two interceptions for the Mountaineers (2-2, 0-1), who gave up 301 rushing yards to their Saturday foes and were outscored 21-9 in the second half.

Final Score: (6) Texas A&M 58, SMU 6

Kenny Hill threw for 265 yards with two touchdowns and an interception in the first half and No. 6 Texas A&M routed SMU, 58-6, on Saturday afternoon. Hill was 16-of-22 and added 57 yards on the ground and Trey Williams carried the ball seven times for 66 yards and two scores for the Aggies (4-0), who are off to their first 4-0 start since 2006. Texas A&M outgained the Mustangs 663-241. Jeremy Tabuyo caught two passes for 80 yards and two touchdowns, Malcome Kennedy hauled in six passes for 76 yards and James White tallied 64 yards and a score on seven totes in the triumph. Garrett Krstich completed 13-of-24 passes for 137 yards for SMU (0-3), which played its first game under interim head coach and defensive coordinator Tom Mason. June Jones stepped down as head coach last week due to personal reasons.

Final Score: Mississippi State 34, (8) LSU 29

Taking on the nation’s eighth-ranked team in front of a record crowd at one of college football’s most intimidating venues wasn’t too much of a challenge for Dak Prescott and the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Prescott delivered a lights-out performance in the night air of Tiger Stadium, throwing for two touchdowns and running for another as the Bulldogs shocked LSU with a 34-29 win that put Mississippi State back on the national map. Mississippi State (4-0, 1-0 SEC) racked up 570 total yards and held the Tigers to a 2-of-13 success rate on third downs en route to its first victory in the series since 1999—and first in Baton Rouge in 23 years. The Bulldogs led 34-10 early in the fourth quarter, then held on after LSU scored 19 unanswered points over the final 13 minutes. Prescott and running back Josh Robinson were major reasons why. The junior quarterback completed 15-of-24 attempts for 268 yards and ran for 105 more on 22 carries, with Robinson chipping in a career-high 197 yards and a touchdown on 16 rushes.

Final Score: (11) Michigan State 73, Eastern Michigan 14

Michigan State had a week to think about its loss at Oregon, and Eastern Michigan paid the price on Saturday. Connor Cook threw a pair of touchdown passes and ran for a score in a dominant first half, as the 11th-ranked Spartans rolled to a 73-14 victory over the Eagles. Michigan State let a nine-point lead slip away two weeks ago at Oregon and dropped a 46-27 decision when the Ducks scored 28 unanswered points. On Saturday, the Spartans wiped the memory away with a nearly flawless opening 30 minutes. Eastern Michigan failed to pick up a first down in the first half and managed only one yard offensively while holding the ball for just 8 1/2 minutes. The Spartans (2-1), conversely, had 320 yards of offense and scored 49 points. The Eagles (1-3), after a victory over Morgan State to open the season, have been outscored 155-17 in dropping their last three games. They’ll open Mid-American Conference play next week at Akron.

Final Score: (13) Georgia 66, Troy 0

Sony Michel ran for 155 yards with three touchdowns and Hutson Mason threw for a pair of scores, as 13th-ranked Georgia bounced back from last week’s tough loss at South Carolina and cruised to a 66-0 victory over Troy. Michel, a true freshman, averaged 15.5 yards on just 10 carries. He took over at tailback after Todd Gurley played the first two series. Gurley ran for 73 yards on six attempts, part of Georgia’s 367-yard effort on the ground. The Bulldogs (2-1), after the 38-35 loss last week in Columbia, outgained the Trojans 547-216 overall. Mason finished 8-of-11 for 97 yards through the air, while Isaiah McKenzie returned a punt for a touchdown in the lopsided victory. It marked the most points for Georgia since a 70-6 romp over Northeast Louisiana in 1994 and the margin of victory was the largest since a 76-0 win over The Citadel in 1958. Dontreal Pruitt, making his first start at quarterback in place of Brandon Silvers, threw for 158 yards with an interception for Troy (0-4).

Final Score: (14) South Carolina 48, Vanderbilt 34

Dylan Thompson had three touchdown passes and No. 14 South Carolina held off pesky Vanderbilt for a 48-34 win Saturday night. The Gamecocks (3-1, 2-1 SEC) climbed out of an early 14-0 hole and withstood two kickoff return touchdowns by Vanderbilt’s Darrius Sims—from 91 and 100 yards. It was Steve Spurrier’s 202nd win as an SEC head coach, passing Georgia legend Vince Dooley for second place on the all-time list with only Bear Bryant ahead of him. The Commodores (1-3, 0-2) played the last three quarters with Wade Freebeck at quarterback after Patton Robinette left the game. Thompson passed for 237 yards and also scored a touchdown on the ground while Pharoh Cooper led all receivers with 10 catches for 114 yards and also added a 70-yard run in the game.

Final Score: Indiana 31, (18) Missouri 27

D’Angelo Roberts scored a 3-yard touchdown in the final minute and Indiana shocked No. 18 Missouri with a 31-27 win on Saturday. The winning score came with 22 seconds left and was set up by Tevin Coleman’s 44-yard gain on a screen pass, plus a facemasking penalty on Missouri. It came after the Tigers had taken the lead on Andrew Baggett’s 40- yard field goal at the other end. Missouri got an extra untimed down at the end of the game after Indiana was called for roughing quarterback Maty Mauk, but Marcus Murphy was tackled at the end of a 16-yard gain at the Indiana 32. The Hoosiers (2-1) bounced back from a 45-42 loss at Bowling Green last week to avoid what would have been their worst start in three years. The loss sends the Tigers (3-1) reeling into Southeastern Conference play next week against South Carolina. They entered the game coming off three easy wins, beating South Dakota State, Toledo and UCF by an average of 24.3 points. Mauk, who had 12 touchdown passes in the first three games, threw for 326 yards with a 1- yard touchdown strike to tight end Sean Culkin that tied the score early in the fourth quarter.

Final Score: (19) Wisconsin 68, Bowling Green 17

Melvin Gordon led Wisconsin’s punishing rushing attack with five touchdowns as the 19th-ranked Badgers broke multiple school records in a 68-17 rout of Bowling Green on Saturday. Gordon, a preseason Heisman Trophy candidate, carried the ball 13 times for 253 yards and tied a school record with his five rushing touchdowns. Quarterback Tanner McEvoy rushed for 158 yards and one score on 11 carries for the Badgers (2-1), who set a single-game school record with 644 rushing yards. Corey Clement carried the ball 16 times for 111 yards and two touchdowns. The team rushing total was the most in the Big Ten’s modern era, dating back to 1946. McEvoy completed 9-of-16 passes for 112 yards, one touchdown and an interception for Wisconsin, which also broke the school single-game mark for total offense with 756 yards. James Knapke connected on 13-of-28 passes for 163 yards and an interception for the Falcons (2-2), who had a two-game winning streak snapped.

Final Score: (21) BYU 41, Virginia 33

Taysom Hill accounted for three touchdowns and special teams played a pivotal role in No. 21 BYU’s 41-33 win over Virginia on Saturday. Hill, one of the most dangerous multi-purpose threats in the nation, picked up 187 yards and two touchdowns through the air and another 72 yards and a score on the ground. The junior QB has done it all for the unbeaten Cougars (4-0), putting himself in the early conversation for the Heisman Trophy if they continue to win. Hill has 13 total touchdowns—six passing and seven rushing—in four games. Jamaal Williams carried 13 times for 68 yards and a touchdown, and Adam Hine had the first kickoff return touchdown of his career in the fourth quarter to help put the game away. BYU punter Scott Arellano also had a tremendous game, punting five times for an average of 55 yards. Four of his five punts landed inside the 20. Greyson Lambert passed for 188 yards and an interception before leaving the game in the third quarter following a big hit. Matt Johns came in and played well, completing 14-of-23 passes for 139 yards and a touchdown, but Virginia’s comeback effort fell short when BYU recovered an onsides kick with less than two minutes left in the game.

Final Score: (24) Nebraska 41, Miami-Florida 31

Ameer Abdullah had two touchdown runs and No. 24 Nebraska grabbed a 41-31 win over Miami-Florida on Saturday. Abdullah finished with 229 yards on 35 carries and Tommy Armstrong was 9-for-13 for 113 yards, two touchdowns and an interception for the Cornhuskers (4-0). Brad Kaaya went 28-for-42 for 359 yards with three touchdowns and two interceptions for the Hurricanes (2-2), who came into the game having won their previous two.

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►   Vikings Add Johnson to Receiving Corps

The Minnesota Vikings have signed wide receiver Charles Johnson.

Johnson had been on the practice squad of the Cleveland Browns. He played in all four preseason games for the Browns this summer and caught six passes for 65 yards.

The Grand Valley State product was selected by Green Bay in the seventh round of the 2013 NFL Draft and joined the Browns’ practice squad last October. He worked under current Vikings offensive coordinator Norv Turner with the Browns last year.

►   Jags Promote WR Taylor

The Jacksonville Jaguars signed wide receiver Kerry Taylor to the 53-man roster on Saturday, promoting him from the practice squad.

Taylor played in 10 combined games (four starts) with the Cardinals and Jaguars in 2013, catching 22 passes for 229 yards and one touchdown.

Jacksonville needed some depth at wide receiver with rookie Marqise Lee (hamstring) ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Colts.

The Jaguars also waived safety Craig Loston.

►   Extra Points: Goodell Missed another Opportunity

The NFL’s version of Groundhog Day was Friday in Midtown Manhattan when embattled commissioner Roger Goodell emerged from his self- imposed exile, albeit 17 minutes late, and finally addressed the scandals enveloping the league he is entrusted to lead.

There has been no confirmation as to whether or not Goodell saw his shadow but don’t except Jane Skinner’s hubby in front of a group of national reporters swimming like sharks again until the league’s fall meetings, unless of course there is some way to clone Peter King.

“Hey Roger, nice tie. How come you’re so great?“

This is not about bashing house organs for the league, though. This is about pointing out the latest in a stunning series of miscalculations that prove beyond a shadow of the doubt that Goodell is not fit to carry the flag for the fledgling FXFL, never mind the world’s post powerful professional sports league.

On one hand, you have to feel for Goodell. He’s broken no laws and logic says he’s certainly not responsible for the actions of grown men who do bad things. Moreover, the public really needs to stop looking to the NFL as some kind of moral compass and start looking for the answers to deep-seated societal issues in far more meaningful forums.

That said, it’s hard to strike up serious empathy for a man who responds to those unfair circumstances by being disingenuous, evasive and almost stunningly incompetent.

During his 40-plus uncomfortable minutes at the podium, Goodell tried to play a game of three-card monte with his target audience, leaning on the now tired and cliched “I got it wrong on Ray Rice narrative” before pledging to “get it right” without any real substantive steps to get there.

Some of the proper buzz words were used. Lip service was paid to things like transparency and due process before being diluted with contradictions moments later as Goodell laid out a plan that was anything but.

“There will be changes to our personal conduct policy,“ Goodell claimed. “I know this will happen because we will make it happen. Nothing is off the table. They will have a set of clear and transparent rules for league and club personnel, owners and players. My goal is to complete this work by the Super Bowl.“

Here’s the thing, though, and what others aren’t telling you. There was no way Goodell could have stepped to that microphone on Friday with a concrete plan to address the league’s problems with domestic violence or any other peccadillo you may find abhorrent.

Those things needs to be hammered out with the other side and the NFLPA’s sole reason for existence is to get the best possible deal for its constituents, and that’s doesn’t always mesh with the Boy Scout Oath.

There is unquestionably a Pollyanna-like vision of what the NFL, and for that matter society as a whole, should be and it’s spearheaded by a group, while admittedly well-intentioned, lacks the ability to grasp nuance.

You can call it the declarative-statement crowd, Keith Olberman-types fond of jumping on the soapbox and spewing out absolutes which certainly can’t be collectively bargained in a week, if at all.

Instead of calling those idealists out, however, Goodell sought their approval with empty rhetoric.

“The same mistakes can never be repeated,“ Goodell pledged while ironically echoing his earlier miscues in this process. “We will do whatever is necessary to ensure that we are thorough in our review process and that our conclusions are reliable. We will get our house in order first.“

This press conference should have been about education, laying out the NFL’s goals and explaining not only how the league is going to get there but what steps are needed to accomplish the end game.

That strategy may not have satiated those whose only intent is bashing the league at all costs but it would have helped illuminate the majority which has an open mind and is willing to listen.

Instead Goodell’s performance was a shell game, a tap-dancing act with the lone goal of keeping that $44 million stipend by playing defense and hoping the next news cycle captures the attention of CNN and FOXNews quickly.

The commish failed, however, because he handles his job the same way he piloted the Rice investigation, on the fly with no long-term vision.

►   Jets list Milliner as Doubtful vs. Bears

New York Jets cornerback Dee Milliner is listed as doubtful to play in Monday night’s game against the Chicago Bears.

Milliner missed practice for a second straight day on Saturday due to ankle and quadriceps injuries.

The 2013 first-round draft pick sat out the season opener with an ankle injury but returned last week to play against Green Bay.

Wide receiver Eric Decker returned to practice in a limited role on Saturday after sitting out the previous two days with a hamstring injury and is listed as questionable against the Bears.

Every other player on the Jets’ injury report is listed as probable to play.

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Final Score: Chicago 8, Los Angeles 7

Chris Coghlan smacked a pair of homers, including a go-ahead, two-run shot in the bottom of the eighth inning, and the Chicago Cubs rallied for an 8-7 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers in the third test of a four-game set. The Cubs trailed 7-2 heading in the home seventh before plating four in that frame and two more in the eighth to surge ahead. John Baker led off the eighth with a single against Brian Wilson (2-4) before being forced out at second on Matt Szczur’s sacrifice bunt attempt. Coghlan then laced his two-run blast into the front row of seats in right to make it 8-7. Justin Grimm (5-2) tossed a scoreless eighth to pick up the win, while Hector Rondon fired a 1-2-3 ninth for his 26th save of the year. Coghlan finished 4-for-4 with three RBI and three runs scored, Arismendy Alcantara cracked a three-run homer and Anthony Rizzo posted two hits, an RBI and a run scored for Chicago, which dropped the first two games of the series. Adrian Gonzalez belted two homers, a three-run and two-run shot, for the Dodgers, who had won five of their last seven games coming in. LA is three games ahead of San Francisco for first place in the NL West.

Final Score: Colorado 5, Arizona 1

Josh Rutledge hit a two-run homer, Eddie Butler tossed six solid innings for his first major-league win and the Colorado Rockies defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks, 5-1, on Saturday. Corey Dickerson homered, tripled and drove in two runs, while Ben Paulsen hit an RBI single for the Rockies, who have won five straight games. Butler (1-1) was strong in his second career start, surrendering just one run on five hits and one walk with a strikeout. Jake Lamb homered and Miguel Montero had three hits for Arizona, which has lost the first three games of this four-game set. Trevor Cahill (3-12) dropped his fourth straight decision after allowing 10 hits and five runs with eight strikeouts across five frames.

Final Score: Philadelphia 3, Oakland 0

Jerome Williams worked seven scoreless innings and Freddy Galvis hit a two-run homer, as Philadelphia shut down Oakland, 3-0, in the middle test of a three-game series. Chase Utley and Cody Asche each doubled and scored for the Phillies, who dropped a 3-1 decision in Friday’s opener. Williams (4-2) allowed four hits and one walk while fanning three over his 93-pitch effort. Antonio Bastardo and Ken Giles worked an inning apiece to finish off the four-hit shutout. Dan Otero (8-2) served up the go-ahead blast for the Athletics, who have lost four of their last five. Drew Pomeranz was lifted after five full frames despite giving up just one hit and a pair of walks with six strikeouts. Oakland, which has also lost seven of 10, is now locked into a battle over the AL wild card with Kansas City and Seattle, both a half-game back of the first berth.

Final Score: New York 4, Atlanta 2

Curtis Granderson and Dilson Herrera both homered to help the New York Mets in a 4-2 win over the Atlanta Braves on Saturday. Jon Niese (9-11) worked 7 1/3 innings, allowing two runs on seven hits with five strikeouts. Lucas Duda added an RBI for New York, which has won two straight and three of four overall. Braves starter Mike Minor (6-12) took the loss after he allowed one run in just an inning of work, leaving the game with shoulder discomfort. Freddie Freeman had two RBI for Atlanta, which fell to 4-13 in the month of September.

Final Score: Washington 3, Miami 2

Denard Span hit a go-ahead RBI single in the top of the seventh inning and the Washington Nationals edged the Miami Marlins, 3-2, in the third test of a four-game set. The Marlins led 2-0 before the Nationals pushed across three runs in the seventh. Ian Desmond singled to lead off the frame and Ryan Zimmerman followed by ripping a triple past a diving Reed Johnson in right. Zimmerman was thrown out at home on Wilson Ramos’ bouncer to Casey McGehee at third. Asdrubal Cabrera laced a hanging curveball down the right-field line to plate Ramos. Mike Dunn replaced Jarred Cosart on the hill and got pinch-hitter Bryce Harper to ground out. Span followed with a single to right to bring home Cabrera and give Washington a 3-2 edge. Miami put runners on the corners with one out in the ninth, but Drew Storen induced a game-ending 4-6-3 double play from pinch- hitter Garrett Jones to register his ninth save of the season.

Final Score: St. Louis 8, Cincinnati 4

The Cardinals’ magic number is down to 1 after St. Louis slugged three home runs in an 8-4 win over the Cincinnati Reds on Saturday. Tony Cruz and Kolten Wong hit early homers to give Michael Wacha a 5-0 cushion, and Randal Grichuk homered for the second straight day later in the contest to help the NL Central leaders pull away. Wacha gave up two runs in 4 2/3 innings in his first start since September 9 and third since spending nearly three months on the disabled list with a shoulder injury. Jason Motte (1-0) finished the fifth inning to pick up the win. The Cardinals can clinch a playoff spot with a win in tomorrow’s series finale or a Milaukee loss. Zack Cozart went deep and Kris Negron doubled twice for the Reds, who lost their sixth straight game. Mike Leake (11-13) was the latest victim after getting roughed up for six runs—five earned—in five innings.

Final Score: Milwaukee 1, Pittsburgh 0

Logan Schafer hit a sacrifice fly in the ninth inning to give the Milwaukee Brewers a 1-0 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates in a key NL Central battle Saturday night. The victory came almost two hours after Brewers starter Matt Garza was ejected for hitting Pirates star Andrew McCutchen twice, giving an already tense game an extra spark. After the Pirates wasted several scoring opportunities, the Brewers got a key double from Lyle Overbay, who chopped a ball over first baseman Gaby Sanchez’s head to move Elian Herrera from first to third. Herrera scored on Schafer’s fly ball to left field off Mark Melancon (3-5) and Francisco Rodriguez pitched a 1-2-3 bottom of the ninth for his 43rd save. The Brewers, after dropping the three-game series opener 4-2 on Friday night, pulled within 3 1/2 games of Pittsburgh again for the second NL wild-card spot. The Pirates had a five-game winning streak snapped and fell 3 1/2 games behind first-place St. Louis with eight games left. The Cardinals beat Cincinnati and would have clinched a playoff berth with a Milwaukee loss.

Final Score: San Diego 3, San Francisco 2

Andrew Cashner led with both his arm and his bat as the San Diego Padres defeated the San Francisco Giants, 3-2, in the second of a three-game set on Saturday. Cashner (5-7), who tossed a two-hit shutout Monday against Philadelphia, surrendered two runs on four hits and one walk with seven strikeouts over eight-plus innings. The right-hander also reached base in all three of his at- bats, finishing with a triple, a single and a walk. Rene Rivera doubled twice and drove in two runs for San Diego, which has won three straight games. Hunter Pence hit a solo homer and Gregor Blanco drove in a run for San Francisco, which holds a one- game lead over Pittsburgh for the top NL wild card spot. Yusmeiro Petit (5-5) gave up three runs—two earned—on four hits and three walks over 5 1/3 frames.


Final Score: Detroit 3, Kansas City 2

Max Scherzer tossed seven innings of one-run ball to guide the Detroit Tigers past the Kansas City Royals, 3-2, in the middle contest of a key three-game series. Scherzer (17-5) gave up seven hits while striking out six for the Tigers, who have won the first two games of this set and sit 2 1/2 games ahead of Kansas City for first place in the AL Central. Torii Hunter went 2-for-4 with a solo homer for Detroit, which got an RBI apiece from Tyler Collins and Rajai Davis. Alcides Escobar went 4- for-5 with an RBI for the Royals, who are battling for one of the two wild card spots in the American League. Eric Hosmer drove in a run. Kansas City starter James Shields (14-8) allowed three runs on six hits while striking out six over 6 2/3 innings.

Final Score: Toronto 6, New York 3

John Mayberry Jr.‘s sacrifice fly capped a three-run sixth inning that carried the Toronto Blue Jays over the New York Yankees, 6-3, in the third contest of a four-game series. Danny Valencia knocked in two runs for the Blue Jays, who snapped a six-game skid. Jose Bautista went 2-for-4 with a solo homer, four runs scored and three walks. Toronto starter Marcus Stroman (11-6) allowed two runs on eight hits while striking out seven over six innings. The right-hander is appealing a six-game suspension he was docked after an incident against Baltimore on Monday. Derek Jeter, Francisco Cervelli and Brian McCann each drove in a run for the Yankees, who saw a three-game winning streak come to an end. Chris Capuano (2-4) gave up four runs on five hits with four walks over 5 2/3 innings.

Final Score: Philadelphia 3, Oakland 0

Jerome Williams worked seven scoreless innings and Freddy Galvis hit a two-run homer, as Philadelphia shut down Oakland, 3-0, in the middle test of a three-game series. Chase Utley and Cody Asche each doubled and scored for the Phillies, who dropped a 3-1 decision in Friday’s opener. Williams (4-2) allowed four hits and one walk while fanning three over his 93-pitch effort. Antonio Bastardo and Ken Giles worked an inning apiece to finish off the four-hit shutout. Dan Otero (8-2) served up the go-ahead blast for the Athletics, who have lost four of their last five. Drew Pomeranz was lifted after five full frames despite giving up just one hit and a pair of walks with six strikeouts.

Final Score: Baltimore 7, Boston 2

Balti Jones hit a pair of two-run home runs and the Baltimore Orioles grabbed a 7-2 win over the Boston Red Sox in the second of a three-game set. Christian Walker added a solo home run with Nelson Cruz and Jonathan Schoop each driving in a run for the Orioles, who have won five of their last six games. Chris Tillman (13-5) gave up two runs on five hits with a pair of walks and six strikeouts in seven innings of work. David Ortiz hit a two-run home run for the Red Sox, who have lost four of their last five games. Rubby De La Rosa (4-8) pitched four innings and gave up four runs on six hits and two walks.

Final Score: Tampa Bay 3, Chicago 1

Nick Franklin hit a two-run homer to lead the Tampa Bay Rays to a 3-1 victory over the Chicago White Sox in the second of three games on Saturday. Ben Zobrist finished 2-for-3 with a walk and an RBI and Yunel Escobar scored a run for the Rays, who bounced back from a 4-3 loss in Friday’s series opener. Chris Archer (10-8) surrendered just two hits with four walks and three strikeouts to earn the win. Conor Gillaspie drove in a run and Jose Abreu and Avisail Garcia each had a hit for Chicago, which mustered just three hits. Hector Noesi (8-10) gave up all three runs on six hits and three walks over six innings in defeat.

Final Score: Houston 10, Seattle 1

Jake Marisnick’s three-run blast was the last of five Houston home runs, fueling a 10-1 takedown of playoff-hopeful Seattle in the second of three between the clubs. Chris Carter and Alex Presley each hit a two-run shot in the first, while Matt Dominguez and Carlos Corporan added solo homers for the Astros, who dropped a 10-5 decision in Friday’s opener. Dexter Fowler finished 3-for-4 with two runs scored and Dallas Keuchel (12-9) scattered a run on seven hits with eight strikeouts over eight solid innings. Robinson Cano drove in the lone run for the Mariners. Chris Young (12-9) was pulled in the fourth, having surrendered eight hits and seven runs—including four of Houston’s longballs.

Final Score: Cleveland 7, Minnesota 3

Yan Gomes went 3-for-4 with a homer and four RBI to lead the Cleveland Indians to a 7-3 victory over the Minnesota Twins. Mike Aviles added a two-run triple and David Murphy finished 2-for-3 with a run scored to help keep Cleveland’s within striking distance in the AL Wild Card race. With both Oakland and Kansas City losing on Saturday, the Indians moved within 3 1/2 games of the two leaders. T.J. House (4-3) allowed two runs while striking out five over five-plus innings to earn the win. Brian Dozier ended 3-for-4 with a solo homer to pace Minnesota offensively. Starter Trevor May (3-5) was blasted for seven runs over 4 2/3 innings.

Final Score: LA Angels of Anaheim 8, Texas 5

David Freese hit a three-run home run and the LA Angels of Anaheim held on for an 8-5 win over the Texas Rangers in the second of a three-game set. Mike Trout added a two-run home run and scored three times while Albert Pujols also hit a two-run home run for the Angels, who had lost four of their last six coming in. Jered Weaver (18-8) allowed three runs on five hits with a walk and seven strikeouts over seven-plus innings to win his third straight start. Adrian Beltre hit three doubles and drove in two runs for the Rangers, who had a season-high seven-game winning streak broken. Colby Lewis (10-14) gave up eight runs—seven earned—on nine hits in five innings of work.

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►   Record Win For Custer in New Hampshire Truck Race

Sixteen-year-old Cole Custer became the youngest driver ever to win a NASCAR national touring series race after he passed Matt Crafton for the lead following a restart with just four laps to go in Saturday’s UNOH 175 Camping World Truck event at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Custer, who is the son of Stewart-Haas Racing executive vice president Joe Custer, started on the pole and put on a dominating performance by leading 148 of 175 laps. He had run in front for 144 of the first 147 laps before pitting for a four-tire change during a caution. He dropped to seventh in the running order for the restart.

Erik Jones remained on the track and took over the lead when Custer and the other frontrunners pitted during the caution. Jones was the only one on pit road that had a four-tire change.

After the restart with 23 laps to go, Crafton pulled ahead of Jones to take the top spot.

Four of the five cautions in this race occurred during the final 30 laps. The first 100 laps ran under green.

The final caution for an incident involving Brennan Newberry and Darrell Wallace Jr. set up a four-lap shootout to the finish. Newberry spun out when he made slight contact with Wallace while they were battling for a top-five position.

After the last restart, Custer quickly drove past second-place Wallace and then overtook Crafton for the lead. Custer beat Wallace to finish line by 1.15 seconds for his first truck victory in just his seventh start.

Custer’s No. 00 Chevrolet team is sponsored by Stewart-Haas Racing co-owner Gene Haas’ company, Haas Automation.

Jones, who drove Kyle Busch’s No. 51 Toyota to a seventh-place finish in this race, previously held the record as the youngest driver to win a NASCAR national touring series event. Jones scored the victory in the truck race at Phoenix International Raceway on November 8, 2013 when he was 17 years old.

Crafton, the defending series champion and current points leader, ended up finishing third after he had to start last in the 30-truck field. He did not make a lap in qualifying, held earlier in the day, due to an electrical issue with his No. 88 Toyota.

Crafton now holds a seven-point advantage over second-place and ThorSport Racing teammate Johnny Sauter, who finished fourth.

John H. Nemechek completed the top-five.

►   Hamilton Narrowly Beats Rosberg for Singapore GP Pole

Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes will start on the pole for the Singapore Grand Prix after edging his teammate and championship rival, Nico Rosberg, by the slimmest of margins—0.007 seconds—in Saturday’s qualifying.

Rosberg, the current Formula One world championship leader, held the provisional pole after completing his final lap around the 3.259-mile (5.065- kilometer), 23-turn Marina Bay Street Circuit in 1 minute, 45.688 seconds. But seconds later, Hamilton topped Rosberg with a lap in 1:45.681 for his sixth pole of the season and the 37th of his F1 career.

The top-nine drivers in qualifying were separated by margin of only 0.569 seconds.

“Quite an exciting qualifying session there,“ Hamilton said. “I guess nobody was really expecting to see so much suspense and how close everyone was. We had some good laps in the first and second qualifying rounds. The Ferraris were very close. But the way it ended was good for our team.“

Hamilton started on the pole and won the Singapore GP in 2009. He also started first in this race two years ago but ended up retiring in the early going to a reliability issue.

Two weeks ago, Hamilton won the Italian Grand Prix after starting on the pole. He enters Sunday’s Singapore GP 22 points behind Rosberg.

Four of the last five races in Singapore have been won from the pole position.

“Tomorrow should be interesting,“ Hamilton said. “Looking after the tires won’t be easy, but I think it will be a good race to watch for the fans.“

Rosberg was attempting to win his eighth pole of the season. When informed that Hamilton had beat him for the top starting position, Rosberg shouted, “Damn it,“ over his team radio in frustration.

“When I think back about that (final) lap, seven-thousandths (of a second) is nothing,“ Rosberg said. “A little bit here or there, I could have done it. But that’s the way it is. Lewis did a good job to get the pole. So fair play. Second place, it’s OK. Obviously, first would be better, but it’s a long race ahead.“

Daniel Ricciardo from Red Bull qualified third, finishing 0.173 seconds behind Hamilton.

“It’s definitely encouraging,“ Ricciardo said. “We came into this weekend hoping that if we could be within two or three-tenths (of a second) it should give us optimism about our chances in the race to stay with them (Mercedes). I think we ended up a bit closer than we thought we would. So it was a good day.“

Ricciardo’s teammate, Sebastian Vettel, the four-time F1 world champion and winner of the last three Singapore GPs, will start fourth. Vettel has yet to win a grand prix this season.

Fernando Alonso placed his Ferrari fifth on the starting grid. Alonso posted the quickest lap in Friday’s opening practice session and Saturday’s final practice. He is a two-time winner of this race (2008 and ‘10).

Felipe Massa from Williams qualified sixth, while Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen placed seventh. Raikkonen turned the fastest lap in Q1 but had to abort his final run in Q3 due to a technical issue.

Massa’s teammate, Valtteri Bottas, took the eighth spot, followed by Kevin Magnussen from McLaren and Toro Rosso’s Daniil Kvyat.

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►   Untapable Unbeatable in Cotillion Stakes

Leading 3-year-old filly Untapable stalked the leaders and then had to work down the stretch in winning Saturday’s $1 million Cotillion Stakes at Parx Racing.

Untapable, trained by Steve Asmussen, went off as the 1-2 favorite in the eight-horse field for the 1 1/16-mile stakes with her regular rider Rosie Napravnik in the saddle.

Owned by Winchell Thoroughbreds, the filly let Jojo Warrior and Cassatt to run on the lead as the favorite sat third in the clear off the rail.

On the far turn, Untapable began her advance three-wide and drew even with the leaders coming out of the final turn. The filly and Jojo Warrior were on even terms at the top of the stretch, but Untapable was unable to put away the competition.

It was not until she was inside the furlong pole that Untapable gained a clear lead, but still had to hold off 9-2 second pick Sweet Reason nearing the wire. Untapable posted a length victory over Sweet Reason with Jojo Warrior finishing third and Little Alexis fourth.

“Just awfully glad with her race today,“ Asmussen said. “Watching the races earlier, speed’s been holding pretty good. Rosie used a little of her to stay fairly close to a fast pace and awfully happy to see her back in the winner’s circle.“

The time for the Cotillion was 1:42.30 on a fast track.

Untapable gained her fifth victory in as many starts this year versus 3-year- old fillies. The Cotillion win was worth $600,000 to bring her career bankroll to $1,934,725 with seven wins in 10 starts.

The filly ran against 3-year-old males in the Haskell Invitational nearly two months ago when she finished fifth to Bayern as the 7-5 favorite. When facing other fillies, Untapable has won the Rachel Alexandra, Fair Grounds Oaks, Kentucky Oaks and Mother Goose Stakes.

Next for Untapable will be the Breeders’ Cup Distaff at Santa Anita on Friday, October 31.

“The Distaff, very tall order. Close Hatches, very promising mare this year,“ Asmussen noted. “We need to get out to California and get ready for that.“

Untapable returned $3.00, $2.40 and $2.10. Sweet Reason paid $4.00 and $2.80, and Jojo Warrior paid $3.60 to show.

►   Contenders Work for Jockey Club Gold Cup

Zivo, Last Gunfighter, Wicked Strong and Moreno all had workouts Saturday for next week’s $1 million Jockey Club Gold Cup at Belmont Park.

Trained by Chad Brown, Zivo and Last Gunfighter worked five furlongs in 59.50 seconds on the main track at Belmont.

“I thought they breezed terrifically,“ said Brown. “They went together, were equal. I thought they both breezed great.“

Wicked Strong, trained by Jimmy Jerkens, went six furlongs Saturday morning over the main track in 1:13.15.

“I liked it,“ said Jerkens. “It was fast, but not for (how fast) that track is. It’s been a while since he did work over there, but I figured since he’s going to be running on it ... if he goes in 1:11, he goes in 1:11; what are you going to do?“

Jerkens is also likely to have Travers winner V. E. Day start in the 1 1/4- mile Gold Cup.

Whitney Handicap winner Moreno worked five furlongs in 1:03.31 over the Oklahoma training track at Saratoga. Trained by Eric Guillot for owner Southern Equine Stable, Moreno was second in the Woodward three weeks ago at Saratoga.

“It was just an easy maintenance move,“ said Guillot. “He went in 1:03 and change; it would have been :59 if it was on the (Saratoga) main track, but the Oklahoma is tiring. He came out of it good so far; tomorrow morning will be the real test.“

►   Princess of Sylmar Retired

Stakes winning 4-year-old filly Princess of Sylmar has been retired from racing. The announcement was made on the filly’s Facebook page Friday by her owner King of Prussia Stable.

“Princess of Sylmar, the popular Pennsylvania bred four year old Majestic Warrior filly bred and owned by King of Prussia Stable was retired from racing today.“

Trained by Todd Pletcher, Princess of Sylmar finished second to Beholder in the 2013 Eclipse Award voting for champion 3-year-old filly.

“The Princess went on a historic run last year, winning four consecutive Grade One races, including the Kentucky Oaks, Coaching Club of America Oaks, Alabama and Beldame,“ the announcement said.

Princess of Sylmar had a more difficult 2014 season with just one win in four starts. After winning a minor stakes at Aqueduct in April she finished second in the Ogden Phipps Stakes behind Close Hatches and in the Delaware Handicap to Belle Gallantey. Here final race was the Personal Ensign at Saratoga in which she was fifth to Close Hatches.

“Preparing her for her next race was taking longer than I expected. Because she will miss this year’s running of the Beldame and the Spinster, Ed (Stanco) and I decided that timing is such that we decided to retire her,“ Pletcher said in the release.

The 4-year-old filly, bred in Pennsylvania by her owner, has won nine of 15 career starts and banked $2,017,220.

“We were with her from birth and watched her grow up to be one of the finest fillies in the world. Now she will enter the next phase of her life,“ Ed Stanco, managing partner of King of Prussia Stable, commented, “The Princess was a blessing beyond once in a lifetime and she has provided our partners, families, friends and racing fans with unparalleled joy. My partners and I want to personally thank Joe Brocklebank our trusted advisor, Ron and Betsy Houghton who raised the Princess, Mike Smith, Javier Castellano and of course Todd and his team for using their skills to develop her into a classic filly. We also want to thank the connections of Beholder, Royal Delta and Close Hatches, because without them we wouldn’t have had the world class competition that made racing the Princess so much fun.“

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►   Frank Gore: Start Him or Sit Him?

It is easy to assume that Frank Gore is a must-play, heading into Week 3 against the Arizona Cardinals.

On the surface, Gore looks like a strong play with the San Francisco 49ers facing off against a divisional foe, combined with the fact that both of these teams like to keep the ball on the ground.

However, things are not always what they seem.

Over his past five games that he has played in Arizona’s University of Phoenix Stadium, Gore has averaged 44.6 rushing yards per game. During that span he has failed to rush over 72 yards in any of those five games. Not only has Gore failed to produce on the ground in Arizona, but he has also only totaled three catches for 18 yards throughout that span, including three contests where he did not register a single reception.

At 31-years-old, there is no doubt that Gore can still handle a full workload, but the fact is that he is not as quick and nimble as he was even two years ago, makes this questionable fantasy situation, a dicey one.

Not only is Gore’s age working against him, but so is Arizona’s stout run defense.

Through the first two weeks of the NFL season, the Cardinals are third in the league in fewest points allowed against running backs, on average. They are allowing only 59.5 yards per game on the ground to halfbacks, as well as 39 yards receiving yards per game to those running backs.

Through two games, Gore has just two receptions for 12 yards, making him an irrelevant back, in the 49ers’ passing scheme.

Final Thought:

If owners have a better option, Week 3 is a perfect time to sit Frank Gore. Even if players are in a running-back-by-committee situation, like Danny Woodhead, Pierre Thomas, or Fred Jackson, is available to you, it would be smart to seriously consider starting that guy over Gore.

This will be a hard-hitting contest between the 49ers and Cardinals, which may not leave much room to run. Gore has been an extremely reliable fantasy player over the years, but this is a week to sit him.

The Gilmer Free Press


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Weekly Horoscope: 09.21.14 - 09.27.14

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19) - Expand your interests and make personal changes on the 21st. Pampering and taking care of your own personal needs will bring added confidence that will improve your networking skills. Add more detail and flare to whatever job you do on the 22nd and 23rd and you will impress someone who works in the same field as you. Love is on the rise on the 24th, 25th and 26th and being open about the way you feel will help build a stronger relationship. A lifestyle change will raise your standard of living. Don’t take on something you cannot finish on the 27th. Keep life simple. Taking on too much will cause doubt and uncertainty. Focus on bringing more money in not spending it.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20) - Your insight and perception will help you solve problems on the 21st but don’t take over and do all the work or pay for others, just offer suggestions and keep moving. You can make a fundamental move on the 22nd and 23rd that can change or influence what you have to offer and how you intend to move forward professionally as well as personally. Don’t rely on others when it comes to work related matters on the 24th, 25th and 26th – someone will disappoint you. Focus on getting ahead not making someone else look good. Partnerships will need to be handled with care on the 27th. A promise isn’t likely to be honored due to setting an unrealistic goal. Moderation and diplomacy will be required.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20) - Keep your emotions in check on the 21st when dealing with domestic or personal matters or relationships. Mishaps will occur if you aren’t cautious. Protect your health and physical well-being. You will have to be aggressive on the 22nd and 23rd if you don’t want to be taken advantage of or you want to accomplish your goals. Do your best to make whatever alterations are required to complete what you start. Speak up and you will control the outcome of a situation on the 24th, 25th and 26th that can influence and improve your position professionally or personally. Keep your thoughts and comments low key on the 27th and stick to simple and unassuming means and methods to get what you want.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22) - Listen to what’s being said on the 21st. Go directly to the source for information before you make a decision that can alter your plans. It’s best to be proactive. Clear up a misunderstanding quickly on the 22nd and 23rd or you will end up in an awkward position. Look for a hobby that is within your means and will not contribute to clutter. Pay attention to what’s going on with your relationships with others on the 24th, 25th and 26th and you will avoid a situation can hurt your reputation or status. Acceptance on the 27th will help you find a solution for any problem you face. A creative or unusual interest will help you move forward personally.

Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22) - You’ll be highly competitive and challenging on the 21st. Play fair even if you can see an easy way to manipulate a situation. You’ll get far more satisfaction if you stick to the rules. Don’t be too quick to get involved in a risky investment or joint endeavor on the 22nd and 23rd. You may want to help someone out but not at your expense. Cut loose on the 24th, 25th and 26th and you will find an interest that can be incorporated into a moneymaking prospect. A little adventure and excitement will encourage you to be a participant and bring about worthwhile changes. Emotional matters can lead to delays and added responsibilities on the 27th. Discipline will help you achieve your goals.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22) - Refuse to let anger take over regarding domestic concerns on the 21st. Lean toward simple, cost efficient and helpful ways to take care of any problems you face. Emotional matters will escalate on the 22nd and 23rd but if you focus on love romance and doing fun things with someone you care for you can avoid a situation that can leave you upset and confused. Finish what you start before you take on more responsibilities. You may feel you are the only one that can fix a problems on the 24th, 25th and 26th but taking on too much will lead to mistakes. Offer your undivided attention on the 27th to those who have something to offer in return.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22) - Help is on the way on the 21st if you ask for favors or call on someone who owes you. A partnership can help you make the changes required to improve your lifestyle. Search for the truth on the 22nd and 23rd and you will find the answers you are searching for. Don’t let what you discover cause upset when change is all that’s required. Emotions will surface on the 24th, 25th and 26th leaving you in an unpredictable situation with regard to your personal or business partnerships. A proactive approach will help discourage anyone from taking you for granted. Procrastination is your enemy. A challenge on the 27th will call for unusual tactics. Use your imagination and play to win.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21) - Proceed with caution when dealing with situations on the 21st that can affect your reputation or future goals. Helping someone you care about on the 22nd and 23rd will bring beneficial results. Consider what you can do to make personal improvements that will give you the confidence to pursue your goals. Use your ingenuity to help you stick to a set budget. Changes can be expected on the 24th, 25th and 26th but that doesn’t mean you should let that slow you down or veer you off course. Don’t meddle and you will be allowed to do your own thing. A passionate approach to whatever you do on the 27th will bring good results. Love is highlighted and romance will enhance your life.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21) - You’ll face opposition on the 21st. Choose your words carefully and be careful not to lead someone on who is expecting more from you than you are willing to give. A work related problem will arise on the 22nd and 23rd that can cost you emotionally or physically if you don’t proceed with caution. Listen carefully and act responsibly. Opportunities will come your way on the 24th, 25th and 26th if you participate in a work related event, conference or business endeavor. Share your attributes and skills and advancement will be yours. Make alterations at home that will add to your comfort on the 27th. A garage sale will help you get rid of things you don’t need and bring in cash.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19) - Consider ways to raise your assets on the 21st. Joining forces with someone you trust and enjoy being with will help you reach your personal goals. Make personal changes with confidence on the 22nd and 23rd. What you do to improve your financial, physical, emotional or mental situation will bring good results. The less you have to explain on the 24th, 25th and 26th regarding your future plans the better. Opposition will come from an unexpected source leaving you in a compromising position. Don’t act on hearsay. A conservative approach to whatever you do on the 27th will help you avoid being caught in a no win situation. Take care of necessities that may affect professional advancement but don’t go overboard.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18) - Discuss your financial plans on the 21st with an expert who can offer you a variety of options that will help you to build your wealth and assets. Take action on the 22nd and 23rd and deal with anyone dragging you down or costing you emotionally, financially or physically. Concentrate on ways you can move forward on your own. Money is in the picture on the 24th, 25th and 26th. Use your ingenuity and you will find a way to improve your financial situation. A change in the way you lend borrow and use your money to work for you will pay off. Deal with whatever comes your way on the 27th and keep moving. Taking on too much will hold you back.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20) -  Don’t count on anything or anyone on the 21st until you have proof that what’s being said or offered is taking place. Be realistic and avoid being taken. Reevaluate your business and personal partnerships on the 22nd and 23rd. You are best to be honest with both you and those you are dealing with when it comes to expectations. Too much or too little can cause imbalance in your relationships. Expect the unexpected on the 24th, 25th and 26th. If you stick to what and whom you know and avoid situations that deal with the unfamiliar you will avoid costly situations. You can stabilize your physical emotional or financial matters on the 27th if you are moderate and fair.

Your Abuse Is Not Appreciated

The Gilmer Free Press

Much has been written in the last several weeks about men’s physical abuse of women. Former Baltimore Raven Ray Rice’s videotaped knockout of his girlfriend and the initial two-game suspension he received from the NFL prompted both outrage and, of course, an outpouring of fan support for the abuser. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell seemed to realize the gravity of the situation and changed league policy to include harsher sanctions for convicted abusers. Then, when TMZ released footage of the actual knockout punch earlier this week, which the league claims not to have seen, it seemed like even die-hard professional football fans could no longer defend the league for its still weak approach to the serious issue of domestic violence. The Ravens did suspend Rice indefinitely, but at the same time, the situation ignited the victim blamers, who focused on the fact that Rice’s girlfriend, Janay Palmer, stayed with him after the attack and the two have since married. Rather than focusing on why men like Rice abuse the women they proclaim to love, the social media universe was on fire with discussion of “why she stays.”

None of this now ubiquitous dialogue gets at the societal factors that set the stage for domestic violence. As with the abuse, we minimize the daily harassment women endure when some men feel it is their birthright to discipline our bodies while we are in public. From sexual harassment at work and schools to the near routine cat calls women endure when simply walking in public, we are told that our bodies are titillating or inadequate and afforded the approval or disdain of harassers. And, like domestic violence, we are told it is our fault that these men can’t control their need to yell out at us. We are, like the guests and hosts of the new Fox News show Outnumbered explained, supposed to be flattered by the attention and to let “men be men.” As if vocal cord control resides only in women. Of course, also like domestic violence, some women have heard such a steady diet of this mantra that they, too, start to believe they deserve, even enjoy, such attention.

I was recently the unwanted subject of a man’s attention, a man who felt I would somehow appreciate his loud and aggressive calls about my body. I did not. It made me feel sad, angry and dirty. Not least of which is because he had the gall to yell harassing comments while he was with a woman and had a baby strapped to the front of his body. No, Fox News, I don’t think he “meant it in a nice way.” I think he meant it to show his social power and because he believes he has the right to say whatever he wants to a woman. Not that far removed from an abuser if you ask me.

Rather than trying to explain why Janay Rice or countless other victims of domestic violence stay with abusers, perhaps we should start having a far more serious discussion about why some men feel as though they are the police of women’s bodies in the first place. Why does a show like Outnumbered, which is supposed to be focused on women, normalize this kind of sexism? Young men need to be taught how to appreciate and treat women in far healthier ways. I fear that the current focus on victims and whether they “ask for it” continues to minimize the discussion of men, their choices, and societal approval of the degradation of women.

~~  Laura Finley, Ph.D.  ~~<?i>



RECEIPTS:    Auctions     Direct    Video/Internet     Total
This Week     191,500     36,700        79,600        307,800 
Last Week     201,100     44,700        26,500        272,300 
Last Year     189,200     37,500       101,700        328,400

Compared to last week, available supplies of yearling feeder cattle sold fully steady to 5.00 higher with most gains seen in the Northern Plains.

Demand is extremely good but availability of grass yearlings is running out and buyers are pushing the market where they are available in South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Wyoming this week.

This week’s feeder receipts in some of the major markets at the Oklahoma National Stockyards, Joplin Regional Stockyards and Ozarks Regional Stockyards in West Plains, Mo. reported a majority of the receipts as new-crop spring born calves trading steady to 5.00 higher in most areas.

In the Southeast, calf markets were trading unevenly steady from 5.00 higher to 5.00 lower.

Yearling demand remains at its peak with a large number of buyers in the auction markets, especially in the northern part of the country.

Silage cutters are chopping away at an impressive crop of corn throughout the Midwest and Northern Plains, along with plenty of hay and late fall grass pastures should allow plenty of opportunities to put relatively cheap gains on the lighter weight cattle.

Calf demand seems equally as good (best on weaned vaccinated calves) throughout the country as increased addition of farmer feeders and feedlot buyers spreading out in search for headcounts amid tight supplies.

This has in many cases created a fierce competition in the salebarn markets.

This week on Wednesday attitudes were very optimistic at the Hub City Livestock Market in Aberdeen, SD with some very impressive sales of thin fleshed yearlings coming right of grass selling with very good demand as 385 head of steers averaging 837 lbs. sold with a weighted average price of 239.76.

Included in this long list of impressive sales were 464 head of thin fleshed steers averaging 873 lbs. sold with a weighted average price of 235.53 and 700 head of steers averaging 935 lbs. at a weighted average price of 227.32.

Order buyers want possession and when quality and conditions are very good, it’s not to say they won’t pay even more when they see it on these good native yearlings.

The potential for tight demand keeps cattle buyers active, but then there is the question of how strong beef demand will be throughout the fall season.

Boxed Beef prices have been trending lower this week as Choice product on Wednesday closed at 245.91 the lowest close since the end of June.

Friday’s Cattle-on-Feed report was pretty much neutral with inventories slightly higher than expected at 99.2% of last year, while placements were also slightly higher at 97.1% and marketing’s slightly lower at 90.4%.

Both marketings and placements were the lowest since data series started in 1996.

A few early dressed sales reported in Nebraska at 245.00-246.00, which would be
3.00-4.00 lower than last week.

This week’s reported auction volume included 46% over 600 lbs. and 38% heifers.

AUCTION RECEIPTS:  191,500   Last Week:  201,100   Last Year:  189,200

Weston Livestock Marketing, Weston, WV
Weighted Average Report for Thursday September 18, 2014

Cattle Receipts:  1180

Feeders made up 100% of the offering.

The feeder supply included 52% steers, and 48% heifers.

Near 15% of the run weighed over 600 lbs.

Feeder Steers                Medium and Large 1
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    6    350-358    355       299.00         299.00
    1    370-370    370       277.50         277.50   Smoke
   54    412-420    417    290.00-295.00     293.63
   11    417-424    420    265.00-275.00     269.59   Smoke
   78    489-491    489    274.00-274.50     274.40
    1    455-455    455       230.00         230.00   Red
    2    460-460    460       210.00         210.00   RWF
   18    482-483    482    250.00-265.00     260.83   Smoke
   22    500-500    500       272.00         272.00
    5    548-548    548       235.00         235.00   Smoke
  113    560-565    561    257.50-267.25     262.87
    1    565-565    565       222.50         222.50   Red
    7    551-551    551       229.00         229.00   Smoke
    3    628-628    628       225.00         225.00
   81    643-643    643       251.00         251.00   Load
    1    640-640    640       212.50         212.50   Smoke
    8    730-730    730       206.00         206.00
    3    713-713    713       205.00         205.00   Smoke
    3    800-820    813    205.00-210.00     206.64
                             Small 1
    1    325-325    325       200.00         200.00
    1    430-430    430       200.00         200.00
    2    555-555    555       200.00         200.00
                             Medium and Large 2
    2    338-338    338       282.50         282.50   Smoke
   22    350-350    350       297.50         297.50
    1    365-365    365       282.50         282.50   Red
   16    483-483    483       255.00         255.00
    2    625-625    625       219.00         219.00

Feeder Heifers                Medium and Large 1
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    9    359-370    364    257.50-258.00     257.73
    4    350-353    352    230.00-257.50     250.67   Smoke
   34    418-438    429    252.00-257.00     255.73
    2    440-440    440       217.50         217.50   Red
   11    410-424    420    247.50-254.00     252.27   Smoke
   77    491-494    494    248.00-255.00     252.42
    6    478-498    485    225.00-227.50     226.64   Red
   13    479-485    479    232.50-245.00     244.03   Smoke
   26    501-548    514    230.00-247.00     242.12
   78    560-565    563    234.00-237.50     236.03
    2    580-580    580       207.50         207.50   Red
    8    555-566    565    212.50-234.00     231.36   Smoke
   14    636-636    636       215.00         215.00
    1    640-640    640       200.00         200.00   Smoke
   17    651-651    651       215.00         215.00
    4    658-658    658       211.00         211.00   Smoke
                             Medium and Large 2
   17    353-353    353       255.00         255.00
    4    354-354    354       250.00         250.00   Smoke
   36    416-416    416       251.00         251.00
    6    417-417    417       225.00         225.00   Smoke
   47    485-485    485       246.50         246.50
    4    513-545    521    225.00-230.00     226.31   Smoke
   16    553-553    553       210.00         210.00

Weighted Average Report for Wednesday September 17, 2014

Cattle Receipts:  102

Slaughter cows made up 28% of the offering, slaughter bulls 7%,
replacement cows 4%, and feeders 61%.

The feeder supply included 32% steers, 52% heifers, and 16% bulls.

Near 31% of the run weighed over 600 lbs.

Feeder Steers                Medium and Large 1 - 2
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    2    235-235    235       210.00         210.00
    5    450-465    456    267.50-270.00     268.52
    3    522-545    530    211.00-235.00     219.23
    1    575-575    575       197.50         197.50   Fleshy
    1    640-640    640       223.00         223.00
    8    721-721    721       224.00         224.00

Feeder Heifers                Medium and Large 1 - 2
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1    335-335    335       232.50         232.50
    3    410-410    410       247.00         247.00
    1    415-415    415       215.00         215.00   RED
    9    450-485    460    235.00-250.00     245.52
    1    570-570    570       160.00         160.00   RED
    1    570-570    570       175.00         175.00   EXOTIC
    6    698-698    698       205.00         205.00
                             Medium and Large 2
    2    250-250    250       180.00         180.00
    2    360-360    360       175.00         175.00
    1    485-485    485       175.00         175.00   RED
    1    475-475    475       142.50         142.50   RWF
    2    582-582    582       180.00         180.00
    1    740-740    740       155.00         155.00
                             Medium and Large 3
    1    250-250    250       115.00         115.00

Feeder Bulls                Medium and Large 1 - 2
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1    350-350    350       255.00         255.00
    3    475-495    488    227.50-250.00     238.34
    1    520-520    520       227.50         227.50
    2    550-560    555    205.00-220.00     212.43
    1    715-715    715       195.00         195.00
    2    795-795    795       205.00         205.00

Bred Cows                  Large 1 Middle Aged
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1   1240-1240  1240   999.00-1460.00    1460.00   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred
                            Medium 1 Young
    1   1255-1255  1255   999.00-1435.00    1435.00   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred
                            Medium 2 Young
    1    920-920    920   999.00-1025.00    1025.00   Per Head  1-3 Months Bred
    1    950-950    950   999.00-1175.00    1175.00   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred

Slaughter Cows                Breaker 70-80% Lean
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    2   1305-1390  1348       113.00         113.00   High Dressing
    1   1450-1450  1450       110.00         110.00   High Dressing
                               Boner 80-85% Lean
   10   1080-1340  1214     96.00-107.50     102.21
    4   1210-1385  1295    111.00-115.50     112.06   High Dressing
    8   1030-1235  1113     79.00-97.00       88.56   Low Dressing
    1   1555-1555  1555       105.00         105.00
    1   1430-1430  1430       112.50         112.50   High Dressing
    1   1425-1425  1425        92.00          92.00   Low Dressing
                                Lean 85-90% Lean
    1    855-855    855        40.00          40.00

Slaughter Bulls                Yield Grade 1-2
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1   1780-1780  1780       119.00         119.00
    5   1560-1750  1703    130.00-146.00     136.77   High Dressing
    1   1650-1650  1650       119.52         119.52   Low Dressing

Weston Livestock Marketing, Weston, WV
Weighted Average Report for Saturday September 13, 2014

Cattle Receipts:  739

Slaughter cows made up 13% of the offering, slaughter bulls 4%,
replacement cows 0%, and feeders 83%.

The feeder supply included 40% steers, 42% heifers, and 19% bulls.

Near 17% of the run weighed over 600 lbs.

Feeder Steers                Medium and Large 1
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    3    255-295    270    265.00-277.50     269.55
    6    300-349    340    250.00-257.50     251.10
    4    350-350    350       270.00         270.00
   12    420-427    423    262.50-263.00     262.79
    1    430-430    430       250.00         250.00   Red
    2    420-420    420       225.00         225.00   RWF
    1    430-430    430       262.50         262.50   Smoke
   29    487-495    492    260.00-265.00     262.77
    3    497-497    497       235.00         235.00   Red
    1    470-470    470       215.00         215.00   RWF
    1    505-505    505       256.00         256.00   Smoke
   32    560-590    566    240.00-255.50     247.26
    4    570-598    584    215.00-220.00     217.56   RWF
    3    550-550    550       229.00         229.00   Smoke
    2    578-578    578       212.50         212.50   Exotic
    9    600-630    609    225.00-237.50     232.15
   11    662-695    673    220.00-227.00     224.94
    1    655-655    655       208.00         208.00   RWF
    1    660-660    660       210.00         210.00   Smoke
    5    705-735    718    215.00-226.00     220.08
    4    778-790    783    227.00-230.00     228.26
    2   1000-1000  1000       158.00         158.00
                             Medium and Large 2
    3    250-280    265    250.00-257.50     254.12
   11    347-347    347       250.00         250.00
    1    330-330    330       225.00         225.00   RWF
    1    355-355    355       240.00         240.00
   12    405-405    405       263.00         263.00
    1    400-400    400       210.00         210.00   RWF
    2    430-430    430       217.00         217.00   Smoke
    5    472-472    472       259.00         259.00
    1    575-575    575       216.00         216.00   Smoke
    1    650-650    650       210.00         210.00
    1    710-710    710       210.00         210.00

Feeder Heifers                Medium and Large 1
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    6    250-290    270    255.00-270.00     257.31
    7    366-366    366       250.00         250.00
   15    401-426    416    238.00-250.00     242.63
    2    423-423    423       200.00         200.00   Red
    1    435-435    435       182.50         182.50   RWF
   31    483-492    488    247.00-249.00     247.83
    1    490-490    490       232.50         232.50   Red
   13    566-572    569    228.00-232.00     229.84
    1    550-550    550       227.50         227.50   Smoke
   23    612-640    630    200.00-219.00     208.63
    4    715-727    724    193.00-195.00     193.49
    1    730-730    730       195.00         195.00   Red
    1    925-925    925       162.50         162.50
                             Medium and Large 2
   10    255-295    277    240.00-257.50     246.92
    1    295-295    295       240.00         240.00   Smoke
   17    320-339    338    240.00-246.00     245.67
    1    355-355    355       259.00         259.00
   13    412-412    412       252.00         252.00
    1    420-420    420       175.00         175.00   RWF
    9    463-470    464    222.50-246.00     225.15
    1    465-465    465       190.00         190.00   RWF
   17    501-543    514    220.00-244.00     231.28
    5    560-597    587    215.00-219.00     217.44
    3    550-565    560    210.00-213.00     212.02   Smoke
    2    600-615    608    205.00-219.00     212.09

Feeder Bulls                Medium and Large 1
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    4    260-290    275    260.00-275.00     263.55
    2    300-310    305    245.00-260.00     252.62
    2    360-360    360       240.00         240.00
    8    415-434    426    235.00-242.50     240.67
    2    400-400    400       215.00         215.00   Smoke
   11    484-497    491    250.00-253.00     251.34
    2    455-460    458    210.00-217.50     213.77   Smoke
    7    523-523    523       220.00         220.00
   10    555-575    561    200.00-230.00     203.99
    4    639-639    639       205.00         205.00
    2    665-665    665       180.00         180.00   Red
    2    825-825    825       160.00         160.00
                             Medium and Large 2
    3    265-295    282    270.00-282.50     274.22
    7    342-342    342       258.00         258.00
    2    383-383    383       220.00         220.00
    9    411-430    413    235.00-247.00     245.61
    1    415-415    415       240.00         240.00   Smoke
    2    498-498    498       230.00         230.00
    2    538-538    538       212.50         212.50
    1    505-505    505       235.00         235.00   Smoke

Bred Cows                  Medium and Large 1 - 2 Young
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1    940-940    940   999.00-1275.00    1275.00   Per Head  1-3 Months Bred
    1    895-895    895   999.00-1450.00    1450.00   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred

Slaughter Cows                Breaker 70-80% Lean
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    3   1175-1355  1272    101.00-109.00     106.31
    2   1290-1295  1293    111.00-123.00     116.99   High Dressing
    4   1190-1390  1270     90.00-97.00       94.62   Low Dressing
    9   1405-1815  1603    100.00-109.00     106.68
    1   1645-1645  1645       112.00         112.00   High Dressing
                               Boner 80-85% Lean
   11    995-1325  1197     95.00-109.00     102.01
    5   1185-1300  1259    115.00-126.00     117.86   High Dressing
    2    970-1085  1028     86.00-91.00       88.64   Low Dressing
    3   1435-1480  1455     99.00-106.00     102.64
    2   1455-1490  1473    109.00-115.00     111.96   High Dressing
                                Lean 85-90% Lean
    1    790-790    790        77.00          77.00   Low Dressing
   16    905-1300  1104     95.00-106.00      98.75
    2   1270-1395  1333    110.00-112.00     110.95   High Dressing
   11    970-1330  1120     85.00-94.00       88.75   Low Dressing

Slaughter Bulls                Yield Grade 1-2
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    2   1205-1480  1343    117.00-124.00     120.86
   16   1555-2015  1733    125.00-136.00     131.40
    2   1670-1755  1713       144.00         144.00   High Dressing

Baby Calves
 Head	Age Range		Price Range
    3   Newborn to 4 weeks	250.00-300.00

Cow/Calf Pairs					M&L1		M&L2
 Head	Age Range
    3	2-8 yrs old w/calf under 250lbs	   1425.00-1435.00 
    3   2-8 yrs old w/calf over 250lbs     1535.00-1825.00
    1   Over 8 yrs w/calf under 250lbs		1525.00

Slaughter Lambs
 Head	Wt Range	Price Range
    5   100-125		150.00

Weighted Average Report for Saturday September 13, 2014

Cattle Receipts:  174

Slaughter cows made up 4% of the offering, slaughter bulls 1%,
replacement cows 2%, other cows 0%, and feeders 92%.

The feeder supply included 44% steers, 39% heifers, and 16% bulls.

Near 14% of the run weighed over 600 lbs.

Feeder Steers                Medium and Large 1 - 2
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
   14    260-290    277    280.00-302.50     286.05
    3    283-283    283       225.00         225.00   RWF
    5    315-335    326    255.00-315.00     283.43
    6    310-322    320    265.00-286.00     282.61   SMOKE
   24    355-385    369    260.00-309.00     290.53
    1    350-350    350       220.00         220.00   RED
    2    355-355    355    220.00-240.00     230.00   RWF
   75    405-448    425    257.50-305.00     285.36
    1    440-440    440       245.00         245.00   RED
    5    418-418    418       221.00         221.00   RWF
   62    450-495    475    242.50-292.50     276.18
    8    450-490    484    242.50-275.00     253.64   RED
    3    481-481    481       287.00         287.00   SMOKE
   61    500-543    521    246.00-275.00     263.17
    2    520-525    523    240.00-247.50     243.77   RED
    2    505-530    518    221.00-265.00     242.47   SMOKE
   25    550-590    569    237.00-256.50     249.50
   19    600-640    628    216.00-245.50     236.76
    6    600-635    606    209.00-222.50     220.14   RED
   11    706-725    714    220.00-228.50     226.21
   21    758-770    759    199.00-225.00     223.74
    1    765-765    765       207.00         207.00   SMOKE
   15    805-826    823    194.00-217.00     213.38
    2    900-930    915    180.00-181.00     180.51
    2   1040-1040  1040       155.00         155.00
                             Small 1 - 2
    1    475-475    475       165.00         165.00
    1    605-605    605       200.00         200.00
                             Medium and Large 2
    1    340-340    340       210.00         210.00   RED
    1    385-385    385       250.00         250.00
    3    393-393    393       212.50         212.50   Full
    7    410-440    418    227.50-252.50     248.00
   11    475-487    486    207.50-253.00     248.96
   10    505-530    523    215.00-242.00     228.48
    2    575-590    583    201.00-227.50     214.42
    2    620-625    623    182.50-199.00     190.78
    1    680-680    680       195.00         195.00
                             Medium and Large 3
    1    345-345    345       170.00         170.00
    1    395-395    395       145.00         145.00
    5    465-465    465       216.00         216.00
    1    550-550    550       192.50         192.50

Feeder Heifers                Medium and Large 1 - 2
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1    220-220    220       190.00         190.00
    6    250-290    283    225.00-275.00     232.35
   26    325-346    337    247.50-300.00     259.57
    1    315-315    315       230.00         230.00   RED
    1    325-325    325       210.00         210.00   RWF
   41    350-385    374    240.00-270.00     259.67
    1    370-370    370       270.00         270.00   SMOKE
    1    350-350    350       145.00         145.00   EXOTIC
   84    405-440    423    240.00-275.00     260.80
   11    410-440    437    242.50-272.50     245.06   RED
    4    420-420    420       263.00         263.00   SMOKE
   86    453-496    479    229.00-269.00     249.39
    3    470-482    478    210.00-235.00     226.81   RED
   28    510-547    531    234.00-249.00     243.93
    4    500-525    511    207.50-232.50     225.41   RED
    7    500-510    503    236.00-241.00     237.45   SMOKE
    7    550-590    564    220.00-249.00     236.68
    2    600-625    613    220.00-230.00     224.90
    2    650-685    668    191.00-210.00     200.75
    2    660-660    660       179.00         179.00   RED
    2    725-735    730    209.00-210.00     209.50
    1    755-755    755       182.50         182.50
                             Small 1 - 2
    1    610-610    610       180.00         180.00
                             Medium and Large 2
   17    425-440    430    202.50-237.50     224.58
   17    450-485    475    190.00-230.00     214.08
    6    511-535    515    222.50-225.00     222.93
   10    560-563    562       210.00         210.00
    2    672-672    672       184.00         184.00
                             Medium and Large 3
    2    355-360    358    175.00-212.50     193.88
    1    515-515    515       192.50         192.50
    1    565-565    565       185.00         185.00
    1    645-645    645       165.00         165.00

Feeder Bulls                Medium and Large 1 - 2
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1    260-260    260       307.50         307.50
    1    325-325    325       292.50         292.50
   19    352-385    362    235.00-290.00     260.93
    5    392-392    392       257.00         257.00   RED
    5    370-390    382    217.50-237.50     229.75   RWF
   10    381-381    381       265.00         265.00   SMOKE
   13    412-445    418    235.00-290.00     254.81
    2    415-415    415       257.50         257.50   SMOKE
   17    463-495    485    252.50-280.00     264.29
   31    507-541    526    215.00-270.00     236.75
    1    510-510    510       247.00         247.00   SMOKE
    9    554-595    565    220.00-241.00     231.36
    1    585-585    585       222.50         222.50   RED
   14    600-645    626    140.00-231.00     202.76
    3    632-645    636    187.00-189.00     188.32   RWF
    4    660-690    673    160.00-181.00     174.05
   11    700-745    708    122.50-210.00     190.70
    2    750-780    765    190.00-195.00     192.55
    1    830-830    830       157.00         157.00
    2    850-870    860    145.00-157.00     150.93
    3    925-925    925    120.00-137.50     128.33
    1    990-990    990       137.50         137.50
    1   1100-1100  1100       120.00         120.00
                             Medium and Large 2
    1    580-580    580       187.50         187.50

Bred Cows                  Large 1 Young 
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1   1080-1080  1080   999.00-1225.00    1225.00   Per Head  1-3 Months Bred
                            Large 1 Young
    1   1140-1140  1140   999.00-2050.00    2050.00   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred
                            Large 1 Middle Aged
    1   1480-1480  1480   999.00-1775.00    1775.00   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred
    2   1525-1525  1525   999.00-1810.00    1755.00   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred
                            Medium and Large 1 Middle Aged
    1   1385-1385  1385   999.00-1600.00    1600.00   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred
                            Medium and Large 1 - 2 Middle Aged
    1   1250-1250  1250   999.00-1600.00    1600.00   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred
                            Medium and Large 1 - 2 Aged
    1   1030-1030  1030   999.00-1100.00    1100.00   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred
    2   1070-1135  1103   999.00-1135.00    1118.02   Per Head  7-9 Months Bred
                            Medium 1 Young
    1    910-910    910   999.00-1825.00    1825.00   Per Head  1-3 Months Bred
    3    925-1190  1032   999.00-2700.00    2026.05   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred
                            Medium 1 Middle Aged
    3   1035-1090  1060   999.00-1675.00    1456.96   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred
    3   1220-1375  1308   999.00-2600.00    1907.90   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred
    1   1320-1320  1320   999.00-1810.00    1810.00   Per Head  7-9 Months Bred
                            Medium 2 Middle Aged
    1    875-875    875   999.00-1150.00    1150.00   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred
    1   1225-1225  1225   999.00-1225.00    1225.00   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred

Slaughter Cows                Breaker 70-80% Lean
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    5   1060-1385  1233    114.00-120.00     116.46   High Dressing
    3   1440-1955  1638    112.00-119.00     116.06   High Dressing
                               Boner 80-85% Lean
    2    850-865    858    106.00-109.00     107.49
    4    830-885    854     88.00-96.00       91.19   Low Dressing
   15    925-1390  1114     98.00-107.00     103.70
    9    985-1325  1131    107.00-113.50     109.14   High Dressing
    3    910-1075  1007     95.00-97.00       96.40   Low Dressing
    1   1570-1570  1570        94.00          94.00   Low Dressing
                                Lean 85-90% Lean
    1    940-940    940        87.00          87.00

Heiferettes                  Medium and Large 1 - 2 Young
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1    880-1050       125.00-135.00         130.00   Per Head

Slaughter Bulls                Yield Grade 1-2
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    4   1010-1400  1191    125.00-131.50     127.75
    4   1165-1460  1365    132.00-135.00     133.97   High Dressing
    2   1925-1975  1950    128.00-129.00     128.51
    5   1610-1845  1724    132.00-150.00     138.70   High Dressing

baby Calves
    3    Newborn Beef     220.00-300.00
         Newborn Dairy        70.00

Cow Calf Pairs
          2-8yrs old w/calf under 250lbs     1800.00-2200.00
          Over 8 w/calf under 250lbs         1325.00-1600.00

          Over 8 w/calf over 250lbs          1300.00-1325.00

Goats                        Sel 1          Sel2
 Head     Sm Billies        95.00           75.00-90.00
          Bg Billies        
          Sm Nannies        90.00-110.00
          Big Nannies       90.00-125.00    55.00-85.00
Slaughter Hogs
    2     300-325   68.00-73.00

Bon Appétit: Spring Vegetable Lasagne

The Gilmer Free Press


  1⁄4 cup plain flour
  11⁄2 cups milk
  1 bunch asparagus, trimmed, thickly sliced
  2 zucchini, cut into ribbons
  2 green onions, trimmed, cut into 8cm lengths
  1 bunch English spinach, trimmed
  10 dried instant lasagne sheets
  1 cup frozen peas
  9 oz. fresh ricotta
  2 roma tomatoes, thinly sliced
  2/3 cup chopped fresh basil leaves
  1 cup grated pizza cheese
  Extra basil leaves, to serve


Preheat oven to 375 degree F.

Melt butter in small saucepan over medium heat. Add flour. Cook, stirring, for 1 minute or until bubbling. Remove from heat. Gradually stir in milk until combined. Return to heat. Cook, stirring constantly, 3 minutes or until sauce boils and thickens. Remove from heat. Season with salt and pepper.

Bring a medium saucepan of salted water to the boil. Add asparagus, zucchini and onion. Boil for 2 minutes. Remove with slotted spoon. Drain on paper towel. Add spinach to pan. Cook for 1 minute or until wilted. Remove with slotted spoon. Squeeze out excess moisture when cool enough to handle. Roughly chop.

Cover the base (8 cup- capacity) ovenproof dish with 2/3 cup white sauce. Layer 1/4 lasagne sheets trimming to fit. Layer asparagus mixture, peas and 1/3 ricotta. Top with 1/3 of remaining lasagne sheets, 1/2 spinach, and 1/2 remaining ricotta. Repeat. Top with remaining lasagne sheets and remaining white sauce. Arrange tomato and basil leaves on top. Sprinkle with cheese.

Bake for 45 minutes or until golden and pasta is tender. Serve with extra basil leaves.

GFP - 09.21.2014
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Ask the Doctor: Parkinson’s Disease


DEAR DR. DONOHUE: Does a low-protein diet help people with Parkinson’s disease?
I’ve never heard of it, and my husband has been a Parkinson’s patient for the past five years.
He’s getting along fairly well with the medicines he takes.
His sister told me about this diet.
If it really helps, I want to know.
I’ll do anything to help my husband. - N.O.

ANSWER: Amino acids are the components of proteins.
A few amino acids might block the entrance of Parkinson’s drugs into the brain, where they work.
Not every Parkinson’s patient needs to be on a low-protein diet.
Your husband is an example of one who doesn’t need it.
He’s doing well.
There’s no reason to introduce a change in his life.
Should medicines not do their job, that would be the time to think of trying the diet.

Dr. Donohue regrets that he is unable to answer individual letters, but he will incorporate them in his column whenever possible. Readers may write him or request an order form of available health newsletters at P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475.




Saul was saved on the road to Damascus.  Truth or Tradition?

His Mission.
“And Saul, yet breathing out threatening and slaughter against the disciples of the Lord, went unto the high priest, And desired of him letters to Damascus to the synagogues, that if he found any of this way, whether they were men or women, he might bring them bound unto Jerusalem.”  (Acts 9:1-2) .

His Experience.
“And as he journeyed, he came near Damascus:  and suddenly there shined round about him a light from heaven:  And he fell to the earth, and heard a voice saying unto him, ‘Saul, Saul, why persecutes thou me?”  (Acts 9:3-4) .  In the conversation that followed, he asked the question:  “Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?”  And was told:  “Arise, and go into the city, and it shall be told thee what thou must do.”  (Acts 9:6) .

The Result.
“And Saul arose from the earth and when his eyes were opened he saw no man:  but they led him by the hand, and brought him into Damascus.  And he was three days without sight, and neither did eat nor drink.”  (Acts 9:8) .  Was he saved at this point?  If so, he was a most miserable saved man.  For three days he was blind, and he spent those three days fasting and praying.  That doesn’t sound like someone who was saved.

Salvation Brings Rejoicing.
The three thousand who were saved on the Day of Pentecost ate their food with gladness, praising God (Acts 2:46-47) .  When Philip preached Christ in Samaria, and the people gave heed, there was great joy in that city (Acts 8:6-8) .  After the eunuch’s baptism, he went on his way rejoicing (Acts 8:39) .  After Paul and Silas baptized the jailer and his household in Philippi, there was rejoicing (Acts 16:33-34) .  Blinded Saul had been fasting and praying for three days when Ananias came to him.  No rejoicing there.

The Lord appeared to a certain disciple at Damascus, named Ananias, and directed him to go meet Saul (Acts 9:10-16) .  Saul tells in his own words what happened when Ananias came.  After restoring his sight, and stating his purpose in coming, Ananias said to Saul:  “And now why tarriest thou?  arise, and be baptized, and wash away thy sins, calling on the name of the Lord.”  (Acts 22:13-16) .  After fasting and praying for three days, Saul was still in sin.  Sin cannot be cleansed through fasting and praying.  They are washed away in baptism.
“Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.”  (John 3:5) .

Truth or Tradition?
Jesus said:  “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved.” (Mark 16:16) .  Men say,  He that believeth shall be saved and be baptized.  Who should I believe?  Jesus or men?  Truth or Tradition?

Steer Creek Church of Christ,  3466 Rosedale Road,  Stumptown WV 25267
Minister: Gene H Miller, 3281 Rosedale Road, Shock WV 26638-8410.
Phone:  304.462.0384     E-Mail:  “”  Web Site:

Harold Elwood Hall

The Gilmer Free Press

Harold Elwood Hall

Age 90, of Vincent, passed away Friday evening, Sept.ember19, 2014, at Marietta Memorial Hospital, surrounded by his loving family.

He was born August 11, 1924, in Tanner, WV, to Howard Arthur and Bertha Elizabeth McCartney Hall.

Harold was a U.S. Navy veteran serving on active duty during both World War II and the Korean Conflict. He retired from Pioneer City Casting in Belpre after 33 years of full time service as a machinist, and later as supervisor of the machine shop and foundry. After retirement, he continued to work part time for an additional 13 years. Harold spent many hours in his workshop creating woodworking projects. He also enjoyed gardening and home improvement projects.

He was a member of Lighthouse Baptist Church.

He was also a member of Bartlett Masonic Lodge 293, where he served as Master of his lodge in 1977 and 1983.

He is survived by daughter, Carol Sue Kesterson (Lee) of Barlow; three sons, Charles Ronald (Karen) of Laurelville, Robert L. (Karen) of Belpre and William H. (Gale) of Barlow; five grandchildren, Lisa Mayle, David Kesterson, Michael Hall, Sarah Annis and Dana Hall; 11 great-grandchildren; three sisters, Betty McGinnis, Delora Dent and Carolyn Burkhamer; four step-children; and 30 step-grandchildren and step-great-grandchildren.

Harold was preceded in death by his first wife of 59 years, Hazel Sandy Hall, in 2002; his second wife of four years, Elma Prine Hall, in 2008; and sisters, Jean Thorn, Virginia Lee Cox and Dorothy Marshall.

A special thanks to step-grandchild, Megan Moyers, for her help and companionship during the last several years.

Funeral services will be 11 AM Wednesday at the Barlow Chapel of Cawley & Peoples Funeral Home, with Pastor Rob Vernon officiating.

Friends may call from 5-8 PM Tuesday at the funeral home.

There will be a Masonic Services at 7:30 PM Tuesday.

Burial will be in Veto Cemetery, with full military rites.

Donations may be directed to a charity of the donor’s choice.

Cawley & Peoples is honored to serve Harold’s family.


The Gilmer Free Press

West Virginia to Receive $43,710 and Participate in Consortium Project

The Gilmer Free Press

The U.S. Department of Labor announced awards totaling more than $87 million to improve state unemployment insurance programs. The funding, awarded to 46 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, will allow state agencies to implement program integrity and system improvement activities, as well as implement or expand reemployment and eligibility assessment programs.

West Virginia will receive a grant of $43,710.

“These grants will allow state agencies to upgrade and enhance their unemployment insurance programs by adopting new technologies, ensuring payments are given to those eligible to receive them and incorporating programs to ensure recipients of unemployment insurance are given the resources they need to find a new job quickly,“ said U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez.

To qualify for program integrity funding, states must have implemented or committed to implement a set of required integrity activities.  These include the implementation and expansion of State Information Data Exchange System; an enhanced National Directory of New Hire cross-match strategy; Unemployment Compensation for Ex-servicemembers automation; SIDES Monetary and Potential Employer Charges Data Exchanges; as well as other optional strategies identified by the department.

Included in these awards are five state consortia grants totaling approximately $15.8 million for projects designed to improve overall program quality, performance, and integrity.  State consortia have also committed to implementing the full range of required integrity activities in order to qualify for UI information technology modernization funding. West Virginia will participate in a project with Maryland and Vermont that will receive a total of $4,500,000.  Maryland will be the lead state.

Finally, approximately $5 million is awarded to states for the reemployment and eligibility assessment program.  Six states are receiving grants to expand their use of REAs, and two states will implement new REA programs.

The REA program introduces claimants to the reemployment services that are available at the American Job Center, helps them to develop an individual reemployment plan, and includes a complete review of the claimant’s eligibility to assist in preventing UI improper payments.  In states that have REA programs, participants are referred to reemployment services that are appropriate for their needs.

G-Eye™: Blind Citizens Truncated Dome in Sidewalk on College Street-Glenville

The Gilmer Free Press

Walk on a rainbow trail; walk on a trail of song,
and all about you will be beauty.
There is a way out of every dark mist, over a rainbow trail.
~~  Robert Motherwell ~~

West Virginia News

The Gilmer Free Press

Meth Manufacturer Arrested in Lewis County

An undercover operation in Lewis County has led to the arrest of a man in possession of the precursors to making meth.

Tony Duane Boling, age 35, was detained by the Lewis County Sheriff’s Department Thursday afternoon on Georgetown Road in Horner and was found to be in possession of cold packs, salt, a bottle, hose, coleman fuel, lithium batteries, pill crusher, muriatic acid, coffee filters, packaging material and a syringe.

The items are all utilized in the meth making process and were located within a black duffle bag.

Sheriff Adam Gissy said he was pleased the undercover officer was able to get the information and that he and several deputies were able to make an arrest.

“Methamphetamine is still a problem within our community,“ Gissy said. “People who manufacture, and, or use ‘meth’ historically display erratic behavior which can be quite dangerous to society. I am always well pleased when a ‘meth cooker’ is held accountable for their actions.“

Boling is charged with Possession of Substances to be Used as Precursors to Manufacture Methamphetamine, a felony punishable not less than two years nor more than ten years imprisonment.

Harrison SCAD Unit Arrests Two, Searching for Two Others for Drug Related Crimes

The Harrison County Street Crimes and Drug Unit has arrested two individuals and is seeking two others after undercover operations during the months of July and August.

Heath Knotts, age 29, of Broadway, and Taylor Washington, age 24, of Clarksburg, were brought in Thursday as a result of an undercover operation conducted by the SCAD Unit in which controlled drug buys were made from these individuals, according to Chief Deputy Jeff McAtee.

Knotts is charged with three counts of delivery of heroin and Washington is charged with one count of delivery of heroin and one count of petit larceny. The delivery charges are felonies while the petit larceny charge is a misdemeanor.

Both were arraigned by Harrison County Magistrate Warren Davis who set Knotts’ bond at $150,000 and Washington’s bond at $52,500. Neither posted bond and both were transported the North Central Regional Jail.

In addition to the two arrested, the SCAD Unit is searching for two more individuals for drug related offenses which occurred during the undercover operation.

No Boost Yet For Dems From Fight With Extremists

It’s a political rule of thumb that the public often rallies behind the president when the country faces peril from abroad. Sometimes, that can help candidates from his party in the next election.

So far, that doesn’t seem to have happened for President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats as he ramps up a U.S.-led military campaign against Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq.

Obama warned in a nationally broadcast speech last week that the militants present a menace to Americans in the Middle East and could pose “a growing threat” to the U.S. itself. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel amplified that theme Thursday, telling Congress that the group is capable of dispatching radicalized Americans back to the U.S. for attacks.

Yet with congressional elections less than seven weeks away, there’s no sign yet that the confrontation with the militants has improved Obama’s drab public approval ratings. Boosting his numbers could give Democrats an important lift as they battle to retain Senate control and limit potential House losses.

“I wish,“ Rep. Nick Rahall, D-WV, said Thursday when asked if he detected signs of burgeoning support for Obama that might rub off on his own candidacy.

All this can change by Election Day. But Rahall, who faces a tough re-election battle, was among several candidates from both parties who said this week that the fight against the Islamic State militants seldom comes up on the campaign trail.

Rep. Steve Daines, R-MT, favored to win his state’s open Senate seat, said voters are concerned about the Islamic State and “the lack of a strategy that will effectively deal with this serious threat.“ But he said he hears more from people talking about a need for jobs and complaining about federal regulations.

If anything, it’s Republicans who are starting to use the broader topic of national security as a campaign theme. The National Republican Congressional Committee, the House GOP’s campaign arm, has started running TV ads against four Democratic candidates in Arizona, Iowa, Minnesota and New York accusing them of being lax on terror.

“Foreign policy is popping up as a bigger issue, and I think it relates to a sense of insecurity people are feeling,“ said Rep. Greg Walden, R-OR, who chairs the committee. “It’s part of a bigger narrative that’s unfolding about things not working right.“

The ads drew criticism from Rep. Steve Israel, D-NY, who heads the House Democrats’ campaign organization and accused the GOP of politicizing the issue.

“Politics used to end at the water’s edge,“ he said in a written statement. “It is repugnant that Republicans would try to exploit this threat to divide Americans at a time when our nation should be united.“

Democrats say the battle against the Islamic State militants is too fresh and complicated an issue for Obama to have marshaled public support and improved his image, and for Democratic candidates to have possibly benefited. Only this summer has the group topped the news with its seizure of territory in Syria and Iraq and its atrocities — including beheadings of two American journalists.

Senator Richard Durbin, D-IL, said that when Obama delivers a speech on the subject to the United Nations General Assembly next week, “it’s going to start sinking in that it’s more than just a nighttime speech from the White House, that there’s a plan. And I think he will gain respect as a commander in chief leading our nation into a very challenging and difficult situation.“

“It’s difficult to navigate all the issues and players and permutations,“ Rep. Gerald Connolly, D-VA, said of the churning mix of warring factions in the Middle East. “And I don’t think the sense of existential threat is the same” as it was after the terror attacks of September 11, 2001.

Polls show that solid majorities favor U.S. military action against the Islamic State’s fighters. But there’s no evidence of that improving the public’s view of Obama.

In a CBS News-New York Times poll conducted after Obama’s September 10 speech on his plan for battling the extremists, majorities said the president isn’t tough enough against the militants and lacks a clear plan to counter them. And for the first time, more disapproved than approved of how he’s dealing with terrorism. Nearly 6 in 10 disapproved of his handling of foreign policy.

That poll was among six major surveys this month showing that half or more of Americans disapprove of the overall job Obama is doing as president, compared to around 4 in 10 who approve. Those are dismal numbers that could make it harder on congressional Democrats in November.

Back in 2002 — the first election after 9/11 — President George W. Bush had a healthy 59 percent approval from a public jittery over terrorism, in polling by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center.

That was down from sky-high ratings exceeding 80 percent in the weeks following the terror strikes. Yet it was enough to help the GOP capture Senate control and gain a handful of House seats in the November 2002 voting.

“As a guy who ran in 2002, yeah, it helped,“ said Rep. Tom Cole, R-OK “Back then, we were putting George Bush in the commercials.“

Second Detroit Man Arrested in Huntington Bar Shooting

A second Michigan man was charged with opening fire inside a downtown bar last weekend.

The Gilmer Free Press

Two counts of wanton endangerment were filed against Timothy Luckett, age 21, of Detroit.

A man shot in the stomach at Whiskey Rocks on Saturday morning was still recovering Thursday.

The bar has been shut down for good.

Huntington police arrested 23-year-old Damon Bailes of Detroit earlier this week on charges of unlawful wounding, wanton endangerment and possession with intent to deliver.

Luckett was also charged in a drug bust earlier this week in Huntington.

WV Releases Plan To Eliminate Invasive Species

State natural resources officials have released a draft plan that aims to wipe out invasive species in West Virginia.

The state Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Section announced the plan in a news release Friday.

Curtis Taylor, section chief, said non-native invasive plants, animals and pathogens cost the state millions of dollars annually. They have no native predators and can hurt biodiversity.

Taylor says they reduce timber regeneration, lower mast production, degrade wildlife habitats and lower stream quality.

The plan includes a variety of prevention, education and management strategies and goals to address the problem. State and federal agencies and other organizations collaborated on it.

Comments by mail or email are due October 22.

Clay Center Gets Grant For Education Program

The Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences in Charleston has been awarded a federal grant of nearly $139,000 over two years to help fund an education program for middle school students.

The grant was awarded Thursday by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Through the “emPowered Stories” program, students at least six schools are producing videos exploring energy issues in their communities. The schools are in Barbour, Boone, Gilmer and Jackson counties. The 10-minute videos will be displayed in a special exhibit at the Clay Center.

One of the project’s goals is to encourage students to take science and technology courses in high school.

Last year the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation awarded a $194,000 grant over two years for the project.

WV State Police, Special Prosecutor Reviewing Case Involving Barbour Prosecutor

West Virginia State police in Elkins say they contacted a special prosecutor appointed to review domestic battery allegations involving Barbour County prosecutor Leckta Poling.

State police Capt. D.P. Reider saif no charges have been filed in the case.

He sent a letter to Poling requesting an independent prosecutor be appointed to look at the allegations.

Poling recused herself and her office citing personal involvement.

Taylor County Circuit Judge Allan Moats approved Poling’s recusal and appointed Leslie Maze from Wirt County to the case.

The appointment of a special prosecutor would usually fall to the West Virginia Prosecuting Attorney’s Institute, but its executive council decided it would be wrong to appoint one member to investigate another member.

“Every elected prosecutor in West Virginia is a member of the Institute by statute—WV Code 7-4-6—even where they don’t serve on any boards, etc. as is the case here,” wrote Phillip Morrision, executive director of the Institute, in an email. “The Institute’s Executive Council—who has veto power, if you will, over any appointment I would make—declined to appoint on the theory that any appointment of one member of the Institute to investigate another member of the Institute would erode public confidence in the fairness and impartiality of the criminal justice system because of the specter of impropriety that sort of arrangement raises.”

Reider declined to discuss details of the incident while the investigation is ongoing.

Animal Clinic Worker Arrested after Overdose

An employee of a Parkersburg Animal Clinic is facing a felony charge after drugs came up missing at that business.

Parkersburg Police Chief Joe Martin said the staff at VCA Animal Clinic informed police Tuesday several drugs including Valium, Ketamine, Fentanyl, Hydromorphone and needles had been removed without permission.

Chief Martin said Bethany Watson, age 18, of St. Marys who works at the clinic, was arrested for entering without breaking in connection to the theft of the drugs. Police are also searching for Justin Wade Carmichael. He was rushed to the hospital earlier in the week when he overdosed. Investigators now believe the drugs involved were those stolen from the animal clinic. He is facing a felony as well.

Carmichael is homeless. Investigators are asking anyone with information on his whereabouts to call Parkersburg police.

Four Dead in Accident

Two women and two children were killed in a fiery crash on U.S. Highway 119 early Friday morning.

Deputies said the pickup truck carrying five people left the highway and hit and embankment before bursting into flames about 12:45 AM Friday.

“We actually had an officer who was the first on scene,” said Boone County Chief Deputy Chad Barker. “By the time he got there it was fully engulfed. There was nothing he could do.”

One male occupant of the truck who managed to escape was at the Charleston Area Medical Center in critical condition. Barker said two of the victims were small children, both under the age of five. The other two victims were women—one the mother of the children and the other a friend. The man who survived is the father to one of the children and boyfriend of the mother. The family was apparently headed home and lived in the local area.

Identifications on the victims are pending from the state Medical Examiner’s office.

Barker said because of the damage to the truck it was difficult to tell if the children were in child restraint seats. It’s not known who was driving the truck. He said it’s also unclear why the vehicle left the highway.

“The initial investigation has shown there are no skid marks and no steering evidence of over correcting or anything like that,” he said. “They just drove off the road.”

The trauma of the incident was overwhelming to first responders who spent much of the night removing bodies from the wreckage.

Said Barker. “The job really sucks today, you know.”

Movie Review: ‘The Drop’ - Dennis Lehane takes James Gandolfini and Tom Hardy to Brooklyn

“The Drop,” a taut, atmospheric, exceedingly well-written thriller adapted by Dennis Lehane from one of his short stories, commits one of the most egregious sins in fiction, introducing an adorable puppy early in the proceedings, only to trot it out at regular intervals to stoke the audience’s growing sense of impending doom. “That’s a good-looking dog,” goes a running line in the film. Its usual predicate — “it would be a shame if anything happened to it” — remains queasily implicit.

It’s a credit to Lehane’s screenplay, director Michael R. Roskam’s restraint and a superb cast led by the masterful Tom Hardy that “The Drop” earns every sad-eyed glance and heart-tugging whimper. Lehane — best known to moviegoers as the author of the Boston-set “Mystic River” and “Gone Baby Gone” — here brings his acute eye to Brooklyn, where he displays his usual command of local vernacular and tribal rituals, as well as unsentimental moral inquiry. “I felt bad about it,” says one character about committing a particularly heinous crime. “Does that count?”

The Gilmer Free Press

As Hardy’s character, a bartender named Bob Saginowski, explains in the film’s introduction, there are corners of his neighborhood “that no one ever thinks about.” He occupies one such corner, a tavern owned by his Cousin Marv (James Gandolfini in a fitting final role). Known as a “drop bar,” the neighborhood hangout is used by the local crime syndicate to transfer its cash in a seemingly endless loop of well-thumbed ill-gotten gains.

Bob, meanwhile, keeps his head down, buying rounds for his regulars while Marv scowls in the background — at one point he orders Bob to take down the Christmas decorations because it’s Dec. 27. But Bob’s watchful solitude is punctured one night when he encounters that irresistible little pit bull. With the help of a pretty neighbor named Nadia (Noomi Rapace), Bob begins to care for the dog, simultaneously becoming involved in a years-old crime investigation and perhaps running afoul of the Chechen gang with whom Cousin Marv has become entangled.

As he did so brilliantly in the one-man thriller “Locke” earlier this year, Hardy earns instant sympathy from the audience as a man who seems always to be two steps behind — until he displays startling acumen at the most unlikely (and startlingly grisly) moments. He moves through the wintry cityscape with a downcast, wary sense of foreboding: The viewer can feel him try to disappear as more people turn to him, either as savior, scapegoat or something entirely different.

Bartender Bob (Tom Hardy) latches on to an adorable pit bull puppy and a lovely lady (Noomi Rapace) in “The Drop.” (Barry Wetcher, SMPSP/Fox Searchlight Pictures)

Like the Boston neighborhoods of Lehane’s best known novels, the Brooklyn of “The Drop” is a tightly self-contained place, its denizens barely aware of the wider world. One of the film’s many thoughtful subtexts has to do with the wages of insularity and a fatal loss of self-respect and identity, as characters either resort to brute violence or retreat into their childhood homes in order to protect themselves. “The Drop” is so convincingly conceived, so detailed and acutely observed, that each of those houses — including the one Cousin Marv shares with his sister, played by Ann Dowd — could be the setting for its own movie.

“Don’t forget to eat,” Marv’s sister calls out before leaving the house. That’s a common motif too: When a shadowy figure played by Matthias Schoenaerts tells Bob not to forget to feed the dog, it comes across less as a suggestion than a terrifying threat. As “The Drop” reaches its tense climax at the bar on Super Bowl Sunday, the sense of unease is palpable — but it’s also become obvious that Bob can handle his corner of the world not just through cultivating anonymity but by any other means necessary. By that time, there’s no question that we want Bob to triumph, along with his new pet — which, it’s true, really is a good-looking dog.

★ ★ ½

R. Contains some strong violence and pervasive profanity. 106 minutes.

Sports News

The Gilmer Free Press

The Gilmer Free Press

►   WVSSAC Week 4 Games - Results


#3 St. Marys (4-0)  56  @  #13 Tyler Consolidated (2-2)  7


Sherman (1-2)  27   @  Gilmer County (1-2)  53

#15 Braxton County (2-2)  20   @  #13 Ritchie County (3-1)  55

Calhoun County (2-2)  48  @  Tygarts Valley (0-4)  21

#13 Doddridge County (2-1)  >>>  BYE WEEK

#10 Fairmont Senior - AA (2-2)  7   @  #13 Lewis County (3-1)  23

Roane County (1-3)  47  @  Webster County (2-2)  15

Oak Glen - AA (1-3)  12   @  #1 Williamstown (4-0)  34

#7 Valley - Fayette (3-1)  0   @  #13 Clay County - AA (3-1)  8

#10 Robert C. Byrd (2-2)  7   @  #7 Bridgeport (3-1)  31

South Harrison (1-2)  >>>  BYE WEEK

Parkersburg Catholic (2-2)  33  @  Wirt County (0-4)  10

#15 Liberty - Harrison (3-1)  42  @  Philip Barbour (0-4)  12

Lincoln (1-3)  21   @  East Fairmont (1-3)  31

Nicholas County (2-1)  >>>  BYE WEEK

Parkersburg (1-2)  20   @  #4 Capital (3-0)  56

Warren Local, Ohio (1-3)  7   @  #9 Parkersburg South (3-1)  49

North Marion (AA) (0-3)  7   @  Buckhannon-Upshur (2-1)  40


Notre Dame (0-2)  @  #16 Bishop Donahue (2-1)

The Gilmer Free Press

►   Two Interceptions—That Is It Through Three Games For The WVU Defense, Which Has Yet To Force A Fumble

Contrary to conventional football wisdom, the winner in each of West Virginia’s first three games has been minus in the turnover margin.

And the fact West Virginia stands 2-1 despite creating only two takeaways (both on interceptions by suspended cornerback Daryl Worley) is surprising to the defensive coaches, who don’t think the trend can continue.

“We do a turnover period everyday and we emphasize it,” said defensive line coach Tom Bradley. “With turnovers, it’s been my experience that sometimes they come in bunches and other times nothing. You work on stripping the football and knocking down passes but the ball doesn’t quite bounce your way.”

The Mountaineers defense has yet to force a single fumble—much less recover one—this season, a drought spanning 200 plays.

Brown’s big moment: Reserve nose guard Christian Brown deserved an assist on Worley’s interception at Maryland by batting the ball at the line of scrimmage.

The most impressive part of the play, however, was what transpired before the tip. Terps center Sal Conaboy initially flattened Brown with a diving cut block, before the 285-pound defensive lineman sprang up and into C.J. Brown’s passing window.

“That’s a hustle play—a play most people don’t notice,” Bradley said.

Rose lobbies for stats: Grappling with double-teams in what Bradley calls the “combative zone,” nose guard Kyle Rose doesn’t have many opportunities to rack up tackles. So when he led a strong inside push to drop Maryland’s Kenny Goins on a late-game third-and-1 stop, Rose wanted some credit.

“He tried to wiggle me out—he thought he should get an assisted tackle,” Bradley said. “And I said, ‘Your finger might have touched the guy’s shoe.’ You’re not getting a point for contact with the ball carrier.

“He tried to work me and I said no. But it was a super push by Kyle. He really did a good job getting low and getting through (the gap).”

Jared Barber update: Though senior linebacker Jared Barber could be recovered enough from a torn ACL to play in two weeks, Dana Holgorsen said the plan remains to redshirt Barber and let him return for a full season in 2015.

“He wants to play in the worst way. I mean, it’s killing the guy not to be out there playing,” Holgorsen said on his Thursday night call-in show. But the coach said WVU’s linebacking depth means there’s no rush to reinstate Barber, a 13-game career starter who has been in defensive coordinator Tony Gibson’s hip pocket on the sideline this season.

►   Thompson Remains ‘Best Option’ At Punt Returner Despite Fumble vs. Terps

A muffed punt against Maryland won’t cost Jordan Thompson his job as West Virginia’s returner.

The junior, who was too nicked up to see reps at receiver, fumbled a fourth-quarter punt that led to a turnover at the WVU 8-yard line.

“He made a mistake, but with that said, he’s the best option we’ve got,” coach Dana Holgorsen said Thursday night on his radio show.

“The dude’s really reliable back there as far as fielding punts. I’ve got a bunch of confidence in him and he’s 100 percent (healthy) right now. ”

Holgorsen suggested fans don’t have a full appreciation for the difficulties involved with fielding punts in live-game conditions. He played receiver in the small-college ranks at Iowa Wesleyan and compiled more than 1,700 yards, but admitted punts gave him fits.

“I was a very, very average receiver, though I could catch a ball. But I could never catch a punt,” he said. “That’s probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever seen anybody do.”

Thompson was perceived as the safe choice at returner last year when Ronald Carswell fumbled and Mario Alford failed to show a knack for it. Bolstered by a 30-yard runback against Towson, Thompson ranks fifth among Big 12 punt returners at a 9.6-yard average.

“He’s going to be the guy back there,” Holgorsen said. “I fully expect him to field every punt and get yards after the catch as well.”

Coverage problems: After surrendering Will Likely’s 69-yard punt return for a touchdown last week, West Virginia slipped to ninth in the Big 12 in net punting at 34.2 yards.

“We missed three tackles,” said special teams coordinator Joe DeForest. “We’ve got to strain harder to get off blocks.”

Likely capitalized on a seam in the middle of the field to zip past gunner Ricky Rumph, linebackers Justin Arndt and Xavier Preston and fullback Cody Clay. Punter Nick O’Toole was the only defender to touch Likely on his way to the score.

“I didn’t see the guy hitting me—I got sideswiped a little bit,” said Clay. “It sucks, yeah. It was very unfortunate.”

►   WVU’s Trickett Gets Shot at #4 Sooners

West Virginia quarterback Clint Trickett finally has his chance to face Oklahoma.

A year after watching from the sideline as the Mountaineers struggled against the Sooners, Trickett is on a roll and will lead West Virginia (2-1) into a showdown with No. 4 Oklahoma (3-0) in their Big 12 opener in Morgantown on Saturday night.

Trickett has shown remarkable improvement in seizing the leadership of the offense after the Mountaineers spent last season shuffling among three quarterbacks.

The senior ranks fourth in the nation with 408 passing yards per game.

That all could come to a grinding halt against an Oklahoma defense that is allowing an average of 11 points and 209 yards through the air.

“They are exactly what we think they are,“ Trickett said. “They are a traditional powerhouse. There is no such thing as an unbeatable team. We just have to find whatever weaknesses they have, if there are any, and try to exploit them.“

He’s been doing that on a weekly basis, something that didn’t seem possible considering how his 2013 season went.

Trickett was still learning West Virginia’s offense a year ago after transferring from Florida State when the Mountaineers lost at Oklahoma 16-7. He didn’t get his first start until the fifth game in late September, leading West Virginia to a win over then-No. 11 Oklahoma State.

The rest of the year was a bust — he struggled to make changes at the line of scrimmage in a high-tempo offense. He went 2-5 as a starter and finished with seven TD passes and seven interceptions before undergoing offseason shoulder surgery.

“Everything was hard to grasp,“ Trickett said. “But now I think I got it.“

Trickett has thrown for at least 300 yards in four straight games. While there are some things left to improve on such as red-zone efficiency, the occasional missed read and turnovers that almost proved costly last week at Maryland, Trickett and the offense are light years ahead of where it was a year ago in moving the ball.

“We’re in a position where the timing is better,“ said West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen. “The rapport with Clint and these guys is a lot better. Our pass protection is night and day different. We’re just in a much, much better place, which is what our expectations are. “

Expectations that are similar to two years ago when Geno Smith, Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey made opponents look silly.

The Mountaineers have surpassed 600 yards of offense in their last two games. Last week Trickett threw for a career-high 511 yards and four touchdowns in a 40-37 win at Maryland. The yards were second in school history to Smith’s 656 against Baylor in 2012.

Trickett is quick to shift credit to his receivers.

“I barely even did anything,“ Trickett said. “I just facilitated — those guys are the ones making the plays. I throw it two yards, and they run it 90.“

Kevin White, who had 35 receptions last year, already has 32 catches for 460 yards, ranking second nationally in both categories. Mario Alford has 21 catches after getting 27 the entire 2013 season. Defenses that double team those two might fall prey to West Virginia’s other receivers or the running game.

“You don’t know which one to guard,“ Trickett said. “I’m not complaining one bit. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. “

Still, there are tough challenges ahead as West Virginia tries to quash preseason predictions of finishing near the bottom of the Big 12.

And Trickett, whose father is Florida State offensive line coach Rick Trickett, said he’s not done figuring out new ways to win.

“You never stop learning,“ Clint Trickett said. “My dad’s been coaching 40 years now and he tells me every day he saw something he didn’t know.

“When you stop learning is when you need to stop playing.“

►   QB Knight, No. 4 Oklahoma Set for Showdown at WVU

Trevor Knight is ready to find out how Oklahoma handles the start of a long stretch of games away from home.

The sophomore quarterback will lead the fourth-ranked Sooners (3-0) into a hostile environment at West Virginia (2-1) on Saturday night in the Big 12 opener for both teams.

For the Sooners it will be the first of three consecutive games outside the state of Oklahoma. They don’t play at home again until October 18 against Kansas State.

This will be Oklahoma’s second-ever trip to Morgantown.

“Their fans will be rocking,“ Knight said. “But it’s important to use some of their crowd’s energy to get you going, to get that momentum going and really just use it. Going on the road is difficult, especially with a team like West Virginia who has been playing great. So we just have to find that energy within ourselves and play for one another and stay even-keeled through it.“

Knight is a big reason Oklahoma has won seven straight dating to last season that includes a Sugar Bowl win over Alabama. He’s not the same quarterback the Mountaineers saw a year ago when he threw for 119 yards, had a pair of third-quarter interceptions and was pulled after two more scoreless drives in a 16-7 win.

“You can tell that he’s making a ton of strides to get better,“ said West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen.

So have the Mountaineers, who have surpassed 600 yards of offense, mostly through the air, in two straight victories — their first winning streak since 2012.

Oklahoma cornerback Zack Sanchez, who has interceptions in every game this season, figures the Sooners will be going at a frenetic pace on defense.

“They do a lot of quick stuff, a lot of quick smoke screens and things of that sort,“ he said. “The d-linemen have to get their hands up and deflect passes as much as they can. When they do complete them, we’ve got to rally to them. We’ve got to be quick to the ball.“


Here are some other things to ponder about the Sooners and Mountaineers:

OKLAHOMA RUNNERS: The Sooners will lean on sophomore Alex Ross and freshman Samaje Perine after leading rusher Keith Ford broke a non-weight bearing bone in his right leg against Tennessee. Ford, who leads the Big 12 with six touchdowns and has a team-high 194 rushing yards, will miss at least one game.

TRY TO KEEP UP: West Virginia is averaging 91 plays and 564 yards on offense per game. Northern Illinois and Western Kentucky are the only Bowl Subdivision teams to run more plays. When the Mountaineers faced Oklahoma in Morgantown in 2012, the teams combined for 1,400 yards of offense.

TRICKETT’S TEST: West Virginia quarterback Clint Trickett will be tested by an Oklahoma defense allowing 11 points per game and 209 passing yards per game. Trickett is completing 75 percent of his throws and is averaging 408 yards per game. Last week he torched Maryland for 511 and four TDs. Trickett, who didn’t play against the Sooners last year, “has really made a big difference in how they’re playing,“ said Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops.

WHO CATCHES MORE?: The game features three of the top receivers in the Big 12. West Virginia’s Kevin White is second in the nation with 32 receptions for 460 yards and teammate Mario Alford has 21 grabs for 206 yards. Oklahoma’s Sterling Shepard has 17 catches for 335 yards and will go against a West Virginia secondary without cornerback Daryl Worley, who was suspended indefinitely after being charged with battery of a woman at a nightclub. The Mountaineers return Ishmael Banks, who served a three-game suspension imposed by the NCAA for an unspecified academic eligibility issue.

NEW UNIS: Oklahoma is debuting a version of its “Rough Rider” Nike uniforms. Players will wear crimson wood grain helmets, cream-colored jerseys and crimson pants. The jersey fronts have “Oklahoma” instead of the traditional “Sooners.“ The helmet has “Boomer” above the facemask.

►   Attorneys: Worley Defended Girlfriend During Bar Altercation

Defense attorneys for Daryl Worley claim the suspended West Virginia cornerback was defending his girlfriend when he grabbed another woman by the neck in a nightclub altercation last weekend.

Dave Jecklin and James Gianola, the Morgantown attorneys who are representing the player against a misdemeanor battery charge, released a statement Friday afternoon:

  “Some members of the media are making conclusions regarding the video of the incident involving our client, Daryl Worley. We ask everyone to please remember that everyone, including Daryl, is considered innocent until proven guilty.

  “Daryl’s version of events is corroborated not only by the video, but also by several eyewitness statements that we have obtained. In the video, Daryl defends his long-time girlfriend from an advancing female bar patron who had earlier that night threatened to fight his girlfriend. According to eyewitness statements, the advancing female grabs Daryl’s girlfriend’s leg immediately before the video shows him pushing the female away in a non-provoking manner.

  “When all the facts and circumstances are released, we are confident that it will demonstrate that there is more to this story than what is being reported.

  “We intend to discuss Daryl’s version of events, the video, the eyewitness statements and all the evidence with the prosecutor at the appropriate time. This matter will be resolved through the court system.”

Worley, 19, was suspended indefinitely on Monday by West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen. On Wednesday, MetroNews first reported the suspension stemmed from an altercation at the Lux Nightclub that occurred hours after the football team returned from a 40-37 win at Maryland.

The woman who filed a complaint with Morgantown police claimed Worley choked her and pushed her to the floor. Surveillance video at the bar and eyewitness accounts supported her allegation, according to police.

The Gilmer Free Press

►   Akron Has Not Been A Friendly Venue for The Herd in Recent Years

Marshall has some less than fond memories in Akron over the years. In 2002, and injured Byron Leftwich was carried down the field by his linemen and nearly led Marshall to comeback victory, but ultimately lost to the Zips 34-20.

Then in 2004, a Charlie Frye led Zips team, derailed Marshall’s bid for a Mid-American Conference title in its final season in the league with a 31-28 win over the Herd.

Of course, those games were all played at the old Rubber Bowl, this year’s contest is in the five-year-old InfoCision Stadium, a new venue and a chance for Marshall to make some new memories in Akron.

The Zips offense is headed up by A.J. Milwee, 28, the second youngest coordinator in Division I. He actually started coaching under Bowden at North Alabama.

Junior quarterback Kyle Pohl is in his second year as a starter for the Zips. He started all 12 games last year throwing for 2,438 yards and 14 touchdowns. Holliday says is a dual threat quarterback.

“He’s a guy who can beat you with his feet. He can make all of the throws. He’s a returning starter who got hurt a little bit a year ago, but whenever he played they did extremely well,” said Holliday. “He can make all of the throws and get himself out of trouble. He’s a typical quarterback that we have seen over the last three weeks, who can beat you with his feet.”

Pohl is the leading rusher for Akron with 56 yards on 17 carries in two games. Akron is going to look to throw first and run second. The Zips are averaging 304 yards passing per game while gaining just 91 yards on the ground. Defensive Coordinator Chuck Heater says the Zips will look to spread the field.

Mykel Traylor-Bennett leads Akron with 111 yards receiving and two touchdowns. He and Pohl connected on a 43-yard touchdown pass and catch in the 41-0 season opening win over Howard.

Bennett also had a 28-yard touchdown catch in the win over Howard. L.T. Smith is also over 100 yards receiving on the season and Zach D’Orazio is not far behind with 98 yards receiving. Heater says part of the gameplan to defend the pass is getting pressure on Pohl.

Akron’s run game has been nearly non-existent through the first couple of games. Starting tailback Jawon Chisholm has just 16 carries and 55 yards on the year.

Marshall will be facings the most athletic defense it has seen so far this year in the Zips. Akron is led by defensive coordinator Chuck Amato and Herd Offensive Coordinator Bill Legg says Akron is just not going to let Marshall get the big plays like it racked up the last couple of weeks.

“In the games we used to scout them, against teams that are like us, in five games they’ve given up nine big plays and ten touchdowns,” said Legg. “There’s some complexity to the defense. They are not a standard defense.”

It starts up front, where the Zips are anchored by junior Cody Grice. He’s started every game of his collegiate career at nose tackle for Akron. Grice actually started as a fullback for Akron before switching to the nose. Tackle Se’Von Pittman is a transfer from Ohio State. Center Chris Jasperse says it’s a physical defensive front.

“They’ve got some big time guys who run around and play football but we do too,” said center Chris Jasperse.

Akron’s three best players are its three linebackers. Justin March, C.J. Mizell and Jatavis Brown. Legg says Brown is a converted wide receiver and can fly around the field.

“That sucker was outside the left hash and the quarterback broke contain to the right and the next thing I know he’s lighting him up on the right sideline. He’s a heat-seeking missile,” praised Legg.

Kickoff is set for 2:00 PM this afternoon.

The Gilmer Free Press

►   Goodell Memo Outlines NFL’s Next Steps

The NFL will enter into long-term partnerships with two violence hotlines amid a spate of abuse cases that have rocked the nation’s most popular sports league.

The partnerships were outlined in a memo by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell that was sent to all 32 teams Thursday night.

In the memo, a copy of which was obtained by on Friday, Goodell says all league and team personnel will participate in education sessions on domestic violence and sexual assault starting in the next 30 days.

“Starting this season, we will dedicate significant resources to raise awareness on the subjects of domestic violence and sexual assault, including support for victims,“ Goodell says.

“These are by no means final steps. We will continue to work with experts to expand and develop long-term programs that raise awareness, educate, and prevent domestic violence and sexual assault both within the NFL and in our society in general.“

The memo follows Goodell’s letter to owners last month outlining a revamped domestic-violence policy that calls for a six-week suspension for a first offense and a lifetime ban for a second and promises awareness programs.

Thursday’s memo says a partnership with the National Domestic Violence Hotline will yield “25 full-time advocates over the next few weeks that will result in an additional 750 calls a day being answered.“

Goodell says the NFL learned the recent string of abuse cases involving NFL stars had caused an 84-percent jump in calls over a an eight-day span ending September 15. The organization says more than half of the calls went unanswered due to lack of staff.

The NFL will also partner with the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) and will support Loveisrespect, a 24-hour text chat service aiding young adults affected by dating abuse.

Goodell announced earlier this week that he had named four women to oversee the NFL’s policy on domestic violence.

He said in his August letter that he “didn’t get it right” when he suspended Ray Rice for two games in July after the Baltimore Ravens running back was arrested on a domestic-violence assault charge in February.

Rice was later cut by the Ravens and suspended indefinitely by the NFL over a video that showed him hitting his then-fiancee in the face—a case that has become a byword for similar situations around the league as more teams have been forced to make decisions over players accused of assault.

In the latest case, Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer was arrested Wednesday on charges he assaulted his wife and then placed on the non-football illness list by the team.

That news broke just hours after the Minnesota Vikings placed star running back Adrian Peterson on the exempt list following his indictment last week in Texas on charges he abused his 4-year-old son with a tree branch.

And the Carolina Panthers said Wednesday that defensive end Greg Hardy chose to be placed on the exempt list while he awaits a jury trial after being convicted by a judge of assaulting and threatening to kill his girlfriend.

►   Hester Breaks Deion Sanders’ Return TD Record

Atlanta wide receiver Devin Hester passed Hall of Famer and former Falcons cornerback Deion Sanders for most return touchdowns in NFL history during Thursday’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

With a 62-yard punt return for a touchdown in the second quarter, Hester broke a tie with Sanders at 19 career touchdown returns. Hester now has the record all to himself with 20.

Hester paid tribute to Sanders with an extended high step into the end zone. Sanders, now a television analyst, was in attendance at the Georgia Dome.

“He was so happy,“ said Hester. “He said he almost pulled a hamstring sprinting toward the end zone with me. I love that guy, man. He was very emotional as well.“

Earlier in the game, Hester took an end around and went 20 yards for the first rushing touchdown of his career. A three-time Pro Bowler, Hester signed with the Falcons in the offseason. He spent the first eight years of his career with the Chicago Bears.

The Falcons won the game 56-14.

The Gilmer Free Press

►   Nets Void Ndiaye’s Contract Over Failed Physical

The Brooklyn Nets voided the contract of center Hamady Ndiaye after he failed a physical.

The Nets made the announcement Friday, two days after signing the 7-footer as a free agent.

Ndiaye played for Senegal in the recent FIBA World Cup after appearing in 14 games for the Sacramento Kings last season. He appeared in 19 games for the Washington Wizards between 2010-12.

►   Nothin’ But Net: Irving Under A Microscope

Kyrie Irving should be glowing.

He’s not long removed from being named the Most Valuable Player of the FIBA World Cup, leading the United States to a gold medal. In what started as a crowded group of stud point guards for the American side, Irving grabbed the starting job and flourished.

“This is by far the biggest accomplishment of my life,“ Irving said. “This feels amazing. It’s one of the greatest feelings that I’ve ever felt. All the emotions haven’t come to me yet but I did it with a bunch of guys that I can call my brothers for the rest of my life.“

Irving’s experience in Spain may have been wonderful, but things intensify for him in just a few weeks.

When he heads to training camp with the Cleveland Cavaliers, everything will change. That’s because LeBron James returned home. Oh, and another top-10 player in the league, Kevin Love, also now toils in Cleveland.

The expectations are astronomical and warranted. This Cavaliers team is loaded and an easy favorite in the Eastern Conference, alongside the Chicago Bulls.

The weight of heavy expectations can be a burden. For James, who has been scorched by the spotlight since high school, it’s old hat. He’s been to five NBA Finals, winning two, and has dealt with being the overwhelming favorite. James put a bull’s-eye the size of South Beach on his back when he joined the Miami Heat.

Plus, the media scrutiny on James has always been immense. For example, this week, there was analysis of James’ former receding hairline. The power alleys on his head have been filled in by hair, so we discuss it.

Irving has never experienced anything like that, not anywhere close. In three seasons, Irving may have been to two All-Star games, but he’s never sniffed the postseason.

“For me it was about going out there and playing with other great players in the world. I’ve never gotten to experience that,“ Irving said after the World Cup.

He will get to experience it quickly. James and Love, who has also made as many postseason appearances as Irving, or your local butcher for that matter, are the elite of the elite. Where Irving fits in that pecking order is up for debate. If you think he’s the second option, that’s valid. He’ll have the ball in his hands more than Love. But Love is a superior offensive talent, who scores inside as well outside, and is the league’s most ferocious rebounder.

Playing with James can be tricky. Ego can be a funny thing, even when playing with someone is most likely going to be one of the top five in the history of the sport.

In Miami, James was caught on camera several times berating Mario Chalmers. Comparing Irving and Chalmers is like comparing a Rolex to a dependable Casio, but James can be tough on those around him.

It took Dwyane Wade almost a season and a half to come to grips with the fact that the Heat belonged to James. Irving and Love won’t be like that. Neither is a raging narcissist, but Irving will have a lot of adjusting ahead of him.

His Cavs teams have been dysfunctional at best and a heaping pile of mess at worst. Irving will play for his third coach in four years when David Blatt sits in the big chair this season. There were reports of locker room turmoil involving Irving and Dion Waiters, who is still around, by the way.

If the Cavs fail to win a title, or even get to the Finals, the ultimate responsibility will fall on James. He penned the essay anointing himself as the savior of Cleveland. That, and the fact that James is the best player in the world will make this James’ team.

But if Irving struggles adjusting to playing with James or Love, the backlash will be palpable. As the point guard, it’s his job to facilitate the offense and get James and Love their touches, all while staying an aggressive weapon himself.

It’s a juggling act, but his experience with Team USA should help.

“For me, playing with this team, like I said, you have so many pieces you can go to,“ Irving said. “It’s easy for me to take a backseat when Steph Curry is hot or when James Harden is hot or A.D. (Anthony Davis) is in the post and he’s killing it. It’s easy for me to do that. It’s not hard.“

It’s harder in Cleveland. James is more demanding than Harden, or Curry, or Davis. The U.S. played Serbia in the gold medal game. Serbia isn’t the Bulls, or the San Antonio Spurs, or Oklahoma City Thunder.

And Irving’s own personal expectations have been lofted, not just because of the MVP award at the World Cup.

He signed a five-year max contract extension at the start of the summer. That was the first domino for the Cavaliers in this amazing offseason. Irving is also one of the faces of the league in terms of national marketing. Remember Uncle Drew?

On the court, Irving has some warts to work through as well. He’s only played 181 of a possible 230 games battling through injuries, which also haunted him at Duke. His scoring and shooting numbers regressed some last season, and they’ll be sure to go down with James and Love in Ohio.

How Irving handles this whole situation is vital to the Cavs’ success. He will be counted on to stay as one of the league’s cream of the crop, while giving up some of his game.

“Going back to Cleveland everyone is going to have their assumptions of what’s going to happen,“ Irving said. “I don’t think anyone really knows what’s going to happen until you guys see us play.“

All true, but Irving will be under a larger microscope than ever before. The Cavs will need the World Cup MVP. Can he handle it?


- The Rockets think they’re bolstering their bench with the acquisition of Jason Terry. But the Jet hasn’t been good in two years. It’s a low risk/high reward move, but I wonder what Terry has left in the tank.

- As for LeBron’s hair, as a bald man, it’s treason.

- My guess is that Danny Ferry does not return as Atlanta Hawks general manager. Aside from the fact that he shouldn’t because there’s no excuse defensible enough for his actions, no one survives scandal in this day and age.

- I get the argument that Coach K gets an advantage in recruiting by being the head men’s coach for USA Basketball, but what’s he supposed to do, turn down the job to be fair to other college coaches? Almost any other coach of that pedigree would take the USA job in a nanosecond. And, it’s not like Krzyzewski had a lot of trouble recruiting before the national job.

- Speaking of college coaching, Kentucky’s John Calipari is reportedly creating an exclusive scouting combine for NBA personnel prior to the start of the season. What a genius idea. First, that’s a recruiting tool unlike any other. He can tell kids they will get a personal combine and the other brilliant aspect is that Calipari plans to stage this event in mid-October. So, Calipari can get it over with, then get the kids committed to Kentucky basketball.

- Old sport second - There may not be another column prior to the Ryder Cup as anyone who followed me from golf to basketball knows the event is my favorite in the world. I like Europe, but I think it’ll be much closer than anticipated. Europe has holes in the form of Stephen Gallacher, Jamie Donaldson and Victor Dubuisson. They’re solid, but beatable. Plus, Ian Poulter is not playing well. He will because it’s the Ryder Cup, but his game is not in great shape. The U.S. will need huge production from everyone, but the American team is not that bad. I’ll take Europe, but it’s going to be close.

- Movie moment - Re-watched “The Social Network” the other day. What a great movie. Brilliantly written and great supporting work from Andrew Garfield and even Justin Timberlake. Calling the Winklevoss twins the Winklevii will always be one of my favorite jokes.

- TV moment - New shows this season that I will watch ... crickets.

The Gilmer Free Press


Final Score: Los Angeles 14, Chicago 5

Clayton Kershaw’s 20th win was his easiest of the season, but he was far away from having his best stuff. Good thing the Los Angeles Dodgers’ bats came out smoking hot. Matt Kemp smacked a three-run homer in a six-run Los Angeles first inning, Kershaw labored through five frames and the Dodgers routed the Chicago Cubs, 14-5, in the second test of a four-game set. The Dodgers clinched a playoff spot later Friday after Pittsburgh defeated Milwaukee. Kershaw (20-3), who is vying to become the first NL pitcher in 46 years to win the MVP award, allowed three first-inning runs and wiggled out of some tough jams en route to becoming MLB’s first 20- game winner. It’s the second 20-win campaign of his career.

Final Score: Pittsburgh 4, Milwaukee 2

Russell Martin clubbed a three-run homer in the bottom of the eighth inning to lift the Pittsburgh Pirates to a 4-2 victory over the Milwaukee Brewers on Friday night. The Brewers entered this three-game set looking to gain ground on Pittsburgh in the race for the NL’s second wild-card spot and got a gem from Yovani Gallardo, who continued his mastery of the Pirates and dominance at PNC Park. Unfortunately, Gallardo couldn’t pitch beyond the seventh. Jonathan Broxton (4-3) was tasked with protecting a 2-0 lead and surrendered hits to four of the five batters he faced, including Martin’s blast to right- center field. Mark Melancon tossed a perfect ninth to earn his 31st save and give the Pirates a 4 1/2-game lead over the Brewers.

Final Score: Washington 3, Miami 2

Adam LaRoche smacked a two-run homer and the Washington Nationals edged the Miami Marlins, 3-2, in the second test of a four-game set. Doug Fister (15-6) allowed two runs on five hits and two walks over 6 2/3 innings for Washington, which has won 10 of its last 13 games. Drew Storen fired a 1-2-3 ninth for his eighth save of the season. The Nationals clinched the NL East on Tuesday and are 1 1/2 games ahead of Los Angeles for home-field advantage in the National League. Justin Bour cracked his first major league homer among his two RBI for the Marlins, who have dropped seven of their last 10 contests. Tom Koehler (9-10) surrendered three runs on six hits and four walks over five frames in defeat.

Final Score: New York 5, Atlanta 0

Lucas Duda hit a two-run homer to back six scoreless innings from Zack Wheeler as the New York Mets blanked the Atlanta Braves 5-0 at Turner Field. Wheeler (11-10) scattered five hits, walked two and struck out seven. The New York pitchers combined to retire the final 13 Braves batters in Friday’s win. Atlanta’s Julio Teheran (13-13) lost his fourth straight start despite a solid seven-inning effort. He gave up seven hits, with the Duda home run his lone hiccup.

Final Score: Colorado 15, Arizona 3

Michael Cuddyer powered the Colorado offense with a career-high seven RBI, leading the Rockies to a 15-3 rout of the Arizona Diamondbacks in the second of a four-game set on Friday. Cuddyer hit a grand slam and a three-run double and Wilin Rosario finished 3- for-4 with two RBI and two runs scored for the Rockies, who have won four straight games. Jordan Lyles (7-3) gave up two runs on nine hits over six innings to earn the win. Cody Ross and Mark Trumbo each drove in a run for Arizona, which had starter Chase Anderson (9-7) give up six runs on nine hits and two walks across five frames in the loss.

Final Score: St. Louis 2, Cincinnati 1

John Lackey hasn’t been at his best since a trade deadline deal brought him to St. Louis, but on Friday he helped the Cardinals pitching staff accomplish something it hadn’t done in 100 years. Lackey became the eighth straight starter to allow one earned run or less in five innings or more, as St. Louis topped the Cincinnati Reds, 2-1, in the opener of a three-game series. The streak began one night after Lackey was charged with two runs on four hits in just two innings in Cincinnati on Sept. 10. The Reds took three of four from St. Louis in that series. Since then, Adam Wainwright, Lance Lynn and Shelby Miller have each taken the hill twice and Marco Gonzales started once. The Cardinals have won six of seven after this victory.

Final Score: San Diego 5, San Francisco 0

Odrisamer Despaigne tossed a gem while Tim Hudson struggled yet again, as the San Diego Padres blanked the San Francisco Giants, 5-0, on Friday. Despaigne (4-7) spun seven scoreless innings for the Padres, allowing just a pair of hits while striking out six. In three starts against the Giants this season, the Cuban rookie has given up just one run on eight hits in 20 innings. Hudson, meanwhile, labored through yet another disappointing start for the playoff-hopeful Giants. Pitching through a hip injury, the veteran gave up five runs—four earned—in 4 1/3 innings six days after his shortest outing of the year. Last time out, Hudson (9-12) was rocked for six runs on eight hits in an inning against the Dodgers, who eventually won that game, 17-0. He hasn’t won since Aug. 22. San Francisco remains percentage points ahead of Pittsburgh for the top National League wild card spot, and 5 1/2 games ahead of Milwaukee.

Final Score: Oakland 3, Philadelphia 1

Jon Lester pitched seven strong innings as the Oakland Athletics nabbed a 3-1 win over the Philadelphia Phillies to open a three-game set. With the win, the A’s went a half-game ahead of the Royals, who lost to Detroit on Friday, for the top wild card spot in the American League. Lester (16-10) allowed one run on five hits with a pair of walks and seven strikeouts to win his third straight start for the Athletics, who came into the contest having gotten swept over three games by Texas. Ryan Howard homered for the Phillies, who have lost five of their last six games. David Buchanan (6-8) gave up three runs on six hits over 6 2/3 innings in the loss.


Final Score: New York 5, Toronto 3

Jacoby Ellsbury hit a two-run homer and knocked in three runs before leaving with a right hamstring strain, as the New York Yankees beat the Toronto Blue Jays, 5-3, in the second test of a four- game series. Brian McCann drove in a run for the Yankees, who have won three in a row on the heels of a three-game skid. Hiroki Kuroda (11-9) gave up three runs—two earned—on seven hits while striking out seven over 6 2/3 innings. Edwin Encarnacion hit a two-run homer for the Blue Jays, who have lost six straight. Mark Buehrle (12-10) continued to struggle against the Yankees, allowing five runs on eight hits over six innings. The left- hander fell to 1-14 lifetime against New York, with 12 consecutive losing decisions.

Final Score: Boston 5, Baltimore 3 (10 innings)

David Ortiz’s two-run home run in the 10th inning lifted the Boston Red Sox to a 5-3 win over the Baltimore Orioles in the opener of a three-game set. With Darren O’Day (5-2) on the mound, Xander Bogaerts reached base on a bad throw from Kelly Johnson, and Ortiz followed with his second home run of the game for a 5-3 advantage. Edward Mujica pitched a scoreless home 10th to secure his seventh save of the season. Ortiz finished the game 3-for-5 with three RBI. Yoenis Cespedes also homered for the Red Sox, who had lost four of five coming in. Allen Webster started for Boston and allowed a run on seven hits in 5 2/3 frames. Junichi Tazawa (4-3) got the win for tossing a scoreless ninth. Nelson Cruz was 3-for-5 with an RBI for the AL-East champion Orioles, who had a four-game winning streak snapped. Kevin Gausman allowed three runs—two earned—on seven hits in five innings.

Final Score: Chicago 4, Tampa Bay 3

Avisail Garcia’s two-run double in a four-run fifth inning led the Chicago White Sox to a 4-3 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays in the opener of a three-game set on Friday. Alexei Ramirez finished with three hits, an RBI and a run scored, while Jose Abreu brought in the other run for the White Sox, who had veteran first baseman Paul Konerko return to the lineup after a 14-game absence due to a broken hand. Jose Quintana (9-10) combated early adversity to win his third straight decision, allowing just three runs—one earned—on nine hits with no walks and six strikeouts over 7 1/3 innings. Logan Forsythe drove in all three runs for Tampa Bay, which was eliminated from playoff contention with the loss. Jeremy Hellickson (1-4) was tagged with the loss after giving up four runs on seven hits over 4 1/3 frames.

Final Score: Detroit 10, Kansas City 1

Ian Kinsler homered and drove in three runs, and Justin Verlander pitched into the eighth inning in Detroit’s 10-1 rout of the Kansas City Royals in a key AL Central showdown. Eugenio Suarez knocked in two runs for the Tigers, who opened a 1 1/2-game lead on the Royals atop the division. J.D. Martinez continued to torch the Royals, as he went 3-for-4 with a run scored. Verlander (14-12) scattered seven hits and gave up a run over 7 1/3 innings in Detroit’s fifth victory in seven games. Jason Vargas (11-10) threw 30 pitches in the first inning and was charged with nine hits and five runs over 3 1/3 frames. Jayson Nix drove in the lone run for the Royals in the opener of this three-game set. Kansas City is in second place in the wild card standings, a half-game behind Oakland and a half-game in front of Seattle.

Final Score: Seattle 10, Houston 5

Mike Zunino and Kyle Seager hit three-run homers during a seven-run fourth inning, sending the Seattle Mariners to a 10-5 victory over the Houston Astros in the opener of a three-game series. Dustin Ackley added a pair of home runs for the Mariners, who sit a half-game behind Kansas City for second place in the AL wild card standings. Taijuan Walker (2-2) gave up two runs on eight hits with seven strikeouts over 5 2/3 innings. Jonathan Villar and Dexter Fowler each knocked in two runs for the Astros, who have lost four in a row. Jose Altuve went 3-for-3 with a run scored to extend his Major League lead to 216 hits. In doing so he tied Magglio Ordonez (2007) for the most hits in a season by a Venezuelan-born player. Altuve also set a franchise record with his 24th three-hit game of the season, passing Craig Biggio (23 in 1998). Brad Peacock (4-9) allowed seven runs—two earned—on six hits with four walks over 3 1/3 innings. He pitched for the first time since Sept.8 due to soreness in his lower back.

Final Score: Minnesota 5, Cleveland 4 (10 innings)

Trevor Plouffe’s RBI single in the 10th inning gave the Minnesota Twins a 5-4 win over the Cleveland Indians in the opener of a three-game set. With Kyle Crockett (4-1) on the mound, Danny Santana led off with a single, Brian Dozier then singled and Joe Mauer was issued an intentional walk. Kennys Vargas then struck out and Josh Tomlin took the mound. Plouffe greeted him with a liner that dropped in center for the win. Oswaldo Arcia went 3-for-4 with a home run and two RBI, while Vargas also hit a solo home run for the Twins, who have won four of their last five. Phil Hughes went seven innings and allowed four runs on 10 hits with five strikeouts, while Jared Burton (3-5) got the final two outs of the 10th for the win. Michael Brantley hit a solo home run for the Indians, who had a three-game winning streak snapped. Trevor Bauer gave up three runs on four hits over six innings in the start.

Final Score: Texas 12, LA Angels of Anaheim 3

Rookie Ryan Rua had the first four-hit game of his career and the Texas Rangers got a two-run homer from Jake Smolinski in a 12-3 rout of the Angels. Adrian Beltre had a two-run single and Dan Robertson drove in two runs for the Rangers, who posted their season-high seventh straight win. Lisalverto Bonilla (2-0), in his second major league start, surrendered two hits and a pair of runs over five innings. Brennan Boesch belted a two-run homer for the AL West champions, who have lost two straight games. Hector Santiago (5-9) surrendered seven hits and seven runs—six earned—and was lifted with no outs in the second inning.

Final Score: Oakland 3, Philadelphia 1

Jon Lester pitched seven strong innings as the Oakland Athletics nabbed a 3-1 win over the Philadelphia Phillies to open a three-game set. With the win, the A’s went a half-game ahead of the Royals, who lost to Detroit on Friday, for the top wild card spot in the American League. Lester (16-10) allowed one run on five hits with a pair of walks and seven strikeouts to win his third straight start for the Athletics, who came into the contest having gotten swept over three games by Texas. Ryan Howard homered for the Phillies, who have lost five of their last six games. David Buchanan (6-8) gave up three runs on six hits over 6 2/3 innings in the loss.

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►   Keselowski Aiming For A Third Straight Win

Brad Keselowski enters this weekend’s race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway as the points leader and the hottest driver in the Sprint Cup Series.

Two weeks ago, Keselowski won the series’ regular-season-finale at Richmond and earned the first seed in the Chase for the Sprint Cup championship by virtue of his four victories this season. The driver of the No. 2 Ford for Team Penske then began the 10-race Chase last Sunday with a win at Chicagoland.

It’s the first time in his Sprint Cup career that he has scored back-to-back victories.

Keselowski’s win at Chicagoland assured him that he will advance into the second round of the Chase. He currently holds a seven-point lead over Jeff Gordon, who finished second in the Chase-opener.

“It felt good coming into the Chase as the top-seed, and it feels very good to know that we’ve advanced to the next round with two races to go,“ Keselowski said. “We have good momentum right now, and we know that we have to keep developing the car and pushing as a team, whether it’s on pit road, handling, spec or driver tactics. We’re just going to stay focused, keep working and see what happens.“

Any driver who’s in the 16-member Chase field that wins one of the three races in the opening round, known as the “Challenger Round,“ will automatically move on to the next round, referred to as the “Contender Round.“

The Challenger Round will conclude with the September 28 race at Dover, and the Contender Round, in which the Chase field is trimmed from 16 to 12, will begin with the October 5 event at Kansas, followed by Charlotte (October 11) and then Talladega (October 19).

“That second bracket, the Contender Round, I think should be called the ‘heartbreak round’,“ Keselowski said. “It’s going to break someone’s heart in the sense that a really good team will probably not make it through that bracket because of the random factor with Talladega and Kansas. That bracket is probably the most concerning to me.“

Keselowski, the 2012 series champion, has won a Sprint Cup race at New Hampshire and Dover as well as Kansas, Charlotte and Talladega within the last two and a half years.

In July, Keselowski won at New Hampshire for the first time, coming in his 10th start here. Can he become the first driver in a decade to score a season- sweep at this flat 1.058-mile oval?

“I think we’re definitely gonna have a lot of speed,“ he said. “I would be surprised if we didn’t, but winning here at New Hampshire isn’t all about speed. The strategy end always seems to come into play. I think more often than not this turns into a bit of a fuel mileage race for whatever reason. I’m not sure why. And that can really shake it up. It’s so difficult to pass that being the fastest car here is probably more so than most other places not always the strongest indicator of success.“

In 2003, Jimmie Johnson became the first driver to win both races at New Hampshire in the same season. Kurt Busch accomplished the feat here in 2004, the same year he won the inaugural Chase championship.

There have been 13 different winners in the last 13 Sprint Cup races at New Hampshire, which puts this track in a tie with Texas for the all-time record streak without a repeat winner.

When Keselowski won at New Hampshire two months ago, he led a race-high 138 laps, including the final 36.

“I like tracks we win at,“ he said. “Those are always my favorite. I tell people all the time when they ask what my favorite track is it’s always the last one that I won at. It seems like a cheesy answer, but as a driver, we’re very self-serving. Right now, my favorite race track is Chicago, and a few weeks ago before we won Richmond, I would have said Loudon (New Hampshire) was my favorite racetrack. So it’s time to make Loudon my new favorite racetrack again.“

Keselowski also has four top-five finishes and six top-10s as well as two poles at this track.

Forty-three teams are on the entry list for the Sylvania 300.

Series: NASCAR Sprint Cup. Date: Sunday, September 21. Race: Sylvania 300. Site: New Hampshire Speedway. Track: 1.058-mile oval. Start time: 2 PM ET. Laps: 300. Miles: 317.4. 2013 Winner: Matt Kenseth. Television: ESPN. Radio: Performance Racing Network (PRN)/SIRIUS NASCAR Radio.

►   This Week in Auto Racing September 20 - 21

New Hampshire Motor Speedway hosts round 2 in the 10- race Chase for the Sprint Cup championship. The Camping World Truck Series is also at New Hampshire, while the Nationwide Series is racing at Kentucky Speedway. Formula One returns to Asia for the Singapore Grand Prix.


Sprint Cup Series

Sylvania 300 - New Hampshire Motor Speedway - Loudon, New Hampshire

Brad Keselowski enters this weekend’s race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway as the points leader and the hottest driver in the Sprint Cup Series.

Two weeks ago, Keselowski won the series’ regular-season-finale at Richmond and earned the first seed in the Chase for the Sprint Cup championship by virtue of his four victories this season. The driver of the No. 2 Ford for Team Penske then began the 10-race Chase last Sunday with a win at Chicagoland.

It’s the first time in his Sprint Cup career that he has scored back-to-back victories.

Keselowski’s win at Chicagoland assured him that he will advance into the second round of the Chase. He currently holds a seven-point lead over Jeff Gordon, who finished second in the Chase-opener.

“It felt good coming into the Chase as the top-seed, and it feels very good to know that we’ve advanced to the next round with two races to go,“ Keselowski said. “We have good momentum right now, and we know that we have to keep developing the car and pushing as a team, whether it’s on pit road, handling, spec or driver tactics. We’re just going to stay focused, keep working and see what happens.“

Any driver who’s in the 16-member Chase field that wins one of the three races in the opening round, known as the “Challenger Round,“ will automatically move on to the next round, referred to as the “Contender Round.“

The Challenger Round will conclude with the September 28 race at Dover, and the Contender Round, in which the Chase field is trimmed from 16 to 12, will begin with the October 5 event at Kansas, followed by Charlotte (October 11) and then Talladega (October 19).

“That second bracket, the Contender Round, I think should be called the ‘heartbreak round’,“ Keselowski said. “It’s going to break someone’s heart in the sense that a really good team will probably not make it through that bracket because of the random factor with Talladega and Kansas. That bracket is probably the most concerning to me.“

Keselowski, the 2012 series champion, has won a Sprint Cup race at New Hampshire and Dover as well as Kansas, Charlotte and Talladega within the last two and a half years.

In July, Keselowski won at New Hampshire for the first time, coming in his 10th start here. Can he become the first driver in a decade to score a season- sweep at this flat 1.058-mile oval?

“I think we’re definitely gonna have a lot of speed,“ he said. “I would be surprised if we didn’t, but winning here at New Hampshire isn’t all about speed. The strategy end always seems to come into play. I think more often than not this turns into a bit of a fuel mileage race for whatever reason. I’m not sure why. And that can really shake it up. It’s so difficult to pass that being the fastest car here is probably more so than most other places not always the strongest indicator of success.“

In 2003, Jimmie Johnson became the first driver to win both races at New Hampshire in the same season. Kurt Busch accomplished the feat here in 2004, the same year he won the inaugural Chase championship.

There have been 13 different winners in the last 13 Sprint Cup races at New Hampshire, which puts this track in a tie with Texas for the all-time record streak without a repeat winner.

When Keselowski won at New Hampshire two months ago, he led a race-high 138 laps, including the final 36.

“I like tracks we win at,“ he said. “Those are always my favorite. I tell people all the time when they ask what my favorite track is it’s always the last one that I won at. It seems like a cheesy answer, but as a driver, we’re very self-serving. Right now, my favorite race track is Chicago, and a few weeks ago before we won Richmond, I would have said Loudon (New Hampshire) was my favorite racetrack. So it’s time to make Loudon my new favorite racetrack again.“

Keselowski also has four top-five finishes and six top-10s as well as two poles at this track.

Forty-three teams are on the entry list for the Sylvania 300.

Camping World Truck Series

UNOH 175 - New Hampshire Motor Speedway - Loudon, New Hampshire

After a two-year hiatus, the Camping World Truck Series has returned to New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

The series will run 175 laps around this flat 1.058-mile track on Saturday. Three practice sessions were held here on Friday. Cole Custer had the fastest lap overall at 133.226 mph. Matt Crafton, the defending series champion and current points leader, was fifth quickest on the charts at 132.347 mph.

Last Saturday, Crafton’s second-place finish coupled with a 14th-place run for Johnny Sauter at Chicagoland allowed Crafton to take a five-point lead over his ThorSport Racing teammate. Sauter held a seven-point advantage prior to Chicagoland.

With seven races to go, Crafton is trying to become the first driver in the 20-year history of the Truck Series to win back-to-back championships.

This will be the 17th time the series competes at New Hampshire. Crafton has 11 previous starts, which is more than any other driver entered in this race.

“It’s been two years since the trucks have raced (at New Hampshire), but I’ve had some good runs there in the past,“ Crafton said. “We got our first pole there in 2005. To me, the biggest challenge at Loudon is the track itself. It’s tough to run side-by-side because there is really only one preferred groove. The challenge is to stay patient and not get caught-up in a wreck trying to make something happen.“

Crafton’s best finish at New Hampshire is fourth, which occurred twice, most recently in 2010. Sauter has placed no worse than seventh in his first three truck races here (2009-11).

“New Hampshire is an awesome place to race,“ Sauter said. It’s short-track racing at its best, and I’m a short-track racing kind of guy…I’ve always run well there in the trucks, even Nationwide and Cup.

Ryan Blaney is presently 16 points behind Crafton, while Darrell Wallace Jr. trails by 35 points.

Kyle Busch won the three previous truck races at New Hampshire, but Busch, a Sprint Cup Series regular and member of the championship Chase, is not competing in this year’s event here.

Erik Jones will drive Busch’s No. 51 Toyota at this track. Jones, who is running a partial schedule for Kyle Busch Motorsports this season, won at Iowa, a 0.875-mile track, in July.

Busch scored his sixth victory of the season at Chicagoland.

Thirty teams are on the entry list for the UNOH 175.

Nationwide Series 300 - Kentucky Speedway - Sparta, Kentucky

Saturday night’s 300-mile race at Kentucky Speedway will be the last “stand- alone” event for the Nationwide Series this season.

The Sprint Cup and Camping World Truck Series are racing at New Hampshire this weekend.

After Kentucky, Nationwide will join Sprint Cup at Dover, Kansas and Charlotte and then take two weeks off before it rejoins Cup at Texas, Phoenix and Homestead.

Of the final seven Nationwide races this season, five of them will be contested on 1.5-mile tracks, including Kentucky. Dover and Phoenix are both one mile in length.

Chase Elliott comes to Kentucky with an 18-point lead over second-place and JR Motorsports teammate Regan Smith. Last Saturday, Smith finished eighth while Elliott placed 10th at Chicagoland. Both drivers have scored top-10 finishes in each of the last five races.

When Nationwide last ran at Kentucky in June, Smith had his worst result of the season with a 28th-place finish. Several Sprint Cup regulars competed in that event, including winner Kevin Harvick. Landon Cassill, a Nationwide regular, is the only driver who is attempting the New Hampshire/Kentucky combo.

“Kentucky is our last non-companion race, so naturally it’s going to be a big opportunity for everybody to go out there and either gain a bunch of points or lose them,“ Smith said. “It’s so tough without somebody having a problem to make points up the way the structure is, and the way the races play out in the Nationwide Series. If you’re making up three or four points a week, that’s been a good day. And that’s the way you have to look at it.“

Elliott, a rookie in Nationwide this season, finished 12th in his first start at Kentucky earlier this year.

“I’ve been eyeing this date for a while because we had a terrible run the first time we raced at Kentucky this year,“ Elliott said. “I finished 12th after starting sixth and just never put it together to get the finish we could have. My team and I are looking to bounce back from that poor performance and improve as much as possible Saturday night.“

Ty Dillon, also a rookie this year, is third in the point standings (-40), followed by Elliott Sadler (-51) and Brian Scott (-56).

“I would say there is probably four or five of us that still have a shot at it (the Nationwide championship),“ Smith said. “Realistically, maybe a couple of those guys need some bad luck from cars ahead of them. If somebody rolls off three or four wins in a row, those bonus points are huge and you’re going to jump right back up into it pretty quickly.“

Forty-one teams are on the entry list for the 300.


Singapore Grand Prix - Marina Bay Street Circuit - Singapore

Formula One has returned to Asia and is running under the lights this weekend in Singapore.

The 61-lap Singapore Grand Prix, which is contested on the Marina Bay Street Circuit, is considered one of the longest and toughest races on the F1 calendar.

With six races to go, Nico Rosberg holds a 22-point lead over his Mercedes teammate and championship rival Lewis Hamilton. After Singapore, F1 will compete in Japan, Russia, United States, and Brazil before the season concludes in Abu Dhabi.

Earlier this month, Hamilton bounced back from a poor start and then capitalized from a mistake made by Rosberg to win the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. Hamilton started on the pole but had a sluggish start when he experienced a glitch with his power unit, dropping him to fourth.

Rosberg gave up the lead to Hamilton during the mid-stages when he out-braked in the first corner and had to use the escape road to recover. Hamilton went on to beat Rosberg at the finish by 3.1 seconds for his sixth victory of the season. He also gained seven points on his teammate.

“It was a good feeling to finally get back on the top step at Monza, especially after another tough start to the race,“ Hamilton said. “Obviously with Nico coming second, I haven’t been able to close the gap too much, but there’s still plenty of points to be won, and I’m glad to have taken a step forward.“

On Friday, Hamilton posted the fastest lap overall in practice, which came in the second session. He made a lap around this 3.259-mile (5.065-kilometer), 23-turn temporary street circuit in 1 minute, 47.490 seconds. Rosberg’s best lap in P2 was clocked at 1:49.075, placing him 13th on the charts.

In P1, Fernando Alonso from Ferrari had the quickest lap in 1:49.056, while Hamilton was just 0.122 seconds off the pace. Rosberg was 0.149 seconds behind in third.

“Today was a work in progress,“ Hamilton said. “We made some changes between P1 and P2, and whether it was those changes or the track itself, the balance didn’t feel right. It felt like we lost a bit of performance, but we’ll look into the details and see what it was.“

This will be the seventh time F1 has competed in Singapore. Four of the last five races here have been won from the pole position. Hamilton started on the pole and won this event in 2009 when he drove for McLaren.

“Pole here has always been very important,“ he said. “The right side of the grid, for example, always seems to get the better starts. Being up at the front will be crucial, and that’s obviously my target for qualifying (Saturday). Nico (Rosberg) looks very quick, as do the Ferraris (Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen) and the Red Bulls (Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo), but I’m feeling good this weekend and I’m focused on the job.“

Vettel has won the past three Singapore GPs. The four-time F1 world champion has yet to win this season.

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►   Game On Dude Retired from Racing

Three-time Santa Anita Handicap winner Game On Dude has been retired from competition. The decision was made Thursday.

Partly owned by Joe Torre, Game On Dude closes his stellar career with $6,498,893 and 16 wins in 34 starts.

Among the top handicap horses the last several years, Game On Dude registered wins in the 2012 and 2013 Hollywood Gold Cup, after being second in 2011, and last year’s Pacific Classic following a runner-up result in 2012.

The 7-year-old gelding began 2014 with a fifth-place finish in the San Antonio Stakes at Santa Anita on February 08 followed by his third victory of the Santa Anita Handicap, a race he won last year and in 2011.

After getting second in the Charles Town Classic, a stakes he won in 2013, he was fourth in the Gold Cup at Santa Anita, an event that replaced the Hollywood Gold Cup. His final start was the Pacific Classic where he finished fourth behind Shared Belief.

In his one overseas venture, Game On Dude finished 12th in the 2012 Dubai World Cup.

The one major race Game On Dude was unable to capture was the Breeders’ Cup Classic. In 2011 he finished second to longshot Drosselmeyer followed one year later by a disappointing seventh behind Fort Larned and last year was ninth to Mucho Macho Man for his first defeat after six straight wins.

►   California Chrome Goes Schooling Ahead of PA Derby

Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes winner California Chrome had some schooling Friday morning at Parx Racing in preparation for Saturday’s $1 million, 1 1/8-mile Pennsylvania Derby.

The chestnut colt’s trainer Art Sherman made his way from Los Angeles and described the Friday session as he gets California Chrome ready for the first race since the Belmont Stakes on June 07.

“California Chrome looked great, galloped this morning was on the bit,“ Sherman said. “He stood in the gate, reluctant to go in at first, but then after he went in he was fine. He looks great.“

California Chrome will be ridden again by Victor Espinoza from the rail post, The colt has speed but will be placed behind the two speed horses, Bayern and C J’s Awesome. The top 3-year-old is headed for the $5 million Breeders’ Cup Classic at Santa Anita on November 01.

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Southern Utah at Fresno State, 10:00 PM - Mountain West Network
California at Arizona, 10:00 PM - Pac-12 Network
San Diego St at Oregon State, 10:30 PM - FS1
Oregon at Washington St, 10:30 PM - ESPN
Louisiana at Boise State, 10:30 PM - CBSSN

Major League Soccer
Vancouver FC at Portland, 5:00 PM - TSN, RDS2, NBCSN
Houston at Philadelphia, 7:00 PM - CSN-Houston+, TCN-Philadelphia, DSS
New England at Columbus, 7:30 PM - CSN-New England, Time Warner-OH, DSS
San Jose at Montreal, 7:30 PM - CSN-Bay, California, TVA Sports, DSS
Seattle at Red Bull New York, 7:30 PM - NBCSN, RDS2
D.C. at Chicago, 8:30 PM - CSN-Baltimore, My50, DSS
FC Dallas at Los Angeles, 10:30 PM - TXA21, Time Warner, DSS

International Soccer
Watford FC vs. AFC Bournemouth, 7:10 AM - beIN Sport
QPR vs. Stoke, 7:40 AM - NBCSN
Deportivo La Coruna vs. Real Madrid CF, 9:55 AM - beIN Sport
Aston Villa vs. Arsenal, 9:55 AM - NBCSN
West Ham vs. Liverpool, 12:30 PM - NBC
AC Milan vs. Juventus FC, 2:40 PM - beIN Sport

EUROPEAN - Wales Open, 8:30 AM - Golf Channel
WEB.COM - Tour Championship, 2:00 PM - Golf Channel
LPGA - Yokohama Tire LPGA Classic, 5:00 PM - Golf Channel
CHAMPIONS - Pacific Links Hawaii Championship, 7:30 PM - Golf Channel

Auto Racing
FORMULA ONE - Singapore Grand Prix qualifying, 9:00 AM - CNBC
SPRINT CUP - OSRAM Sylvania 300 practice, 9:00 AM - FS1
CAMPING WORLD - UNOH 175 qualifying, 10:00 AM - FS1
SPRINT CUP - OSRAM Sylvania 300 practice, 11:30 AM - FS1
NATIONWIDE - 300, 7:30 PM - ESPNews

Horse Racing
Pennsylvania Derby, 4:30 PM - CSN-Chicago, Northwest, TCN-Philadelphia

Gilmer County Unsed Drug Safe Disposal Day - 09.27.14

The Gilmer Free Press


The Gilmer Free Press

The LK Association ABW Ministries Fall Rally will be held Thursday, September 25, 2014 at Enon Baptist Church.

Registration / Refreshments : 5:30 -6:30 PM

Program : 6:30 PM

Silent Auction will be held during registration/refreshment time.. (5:30-6:30 PM).

So ladies bring an item to donate and plan to place a “ bid”.

Proceeds will benefit our Special Project.

All ladies are invited to attend.

Questions contact Jeane Fisher, President.

41st Annual Clay County Golden Delicious Festival – > 09.21.14

The Gilmer Free Press

The 41st Annual Clay County Golden Delicious Festival is set for Clay from Thursday, September 18, 2014 thru Sunday, September 21, 2014, in recognition of the famous Golden Delicious Apple.

There is a diverse selection of activities, many free, scheduled throughout the festival.

ISIS vs. ISIL vs. Islamic State: What Do They Mean – And Why Does It Matter?

The latest beheading of aid worker has highlighted once again the brutality of the extremists operating in the Middle East for a jihadist group that claims to have set up a caliphate called the “Islamic State”.

In the aftermath of the killing, the British Prime Minister David Cameron said Britain must “drive back, dismantle and ultimately destroy ISIL and what it stands for”.

Similarly, President Obama has said the U.S. is preparing to “deal with a threat from ISIL”.

Others still refer to the group as “ISIS” - posing an issue for the various companies and brands around the world that already used the acronym or took it from the ancient Egyptian goddess of the same name.

The group itself declared in June that it wants to be known as the “Islamic State”. So what is the difference between the three different acronyms, and why does each of them carry such political resonance?

The militant group was established by the Jordanian national Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in 1999 when it was initially known as Jama’at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad.

The Gilmer Free Press

It then became known as “Al-Qaeda in Iraq” after becoming part of Osama bin Laden’s network in October 2004.

Since then, the group has operated under numerous guises until its current leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, officially declared it had set up an Islamic State across parts of northern Iraq and Syria on 29 June 2014.

In Arabic, the group is known as Al-Dawla Al-Islamiya fi al-Iraq wa al-Sham, or the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham.

The term “al-Sham” refers to a region stretching from southern Turkey through Syria to Egypt (also including Lebanon, Israel, the Palestinian territories and Jordan).

The group’s stated goal is to restore an Islamic state, or caliphate, in this entire area.

The standard English term for this territory is “the Levant”, which is broadly why Obama and Cameron use the acronym “ISIL”.

Nonetheless, some in the U.S. media claim that the President is using “ISIL” to avoid using the word “Syria” which is what the “S” stands for in ISIS. They say that talking about “attacking Syria” is tricky for the U.S. government, after Obama refused to send troops into the country to intervene in the civil war against President Bashar al-Assad.

The Washington Post reports NBC News anchor, Chuck Todd, as saying: “Obviously we refer to it at NBC News as ISIS. The Obama administration, and the President, say the word ISIL. The last “S” stands for Syria, the last L they don’t want to have stand for Syria.”

In response, the Obama administration has said that it uses the acronym ISIL as it believes the word “Levant”, which is what the “L” stands for, to be a more accurate translation from the Arabic name.

In the UK, leading Muslims have written to Cameron calling for politicians to “refuse to legitimise” the militant group and its current name, instead asking they use an alternative form such as “the Un-Islamic State”.

And adding to the controversy is an American woman called ISIS Martinez, who has petitioned the American media to try and persuade them to avoid the use of her first name.

The Three Acronyms:

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)

The original name for the group in Arabic was Al-Dawla Al-Islamiya fi al-Iraq wa al-Sham.

The first three words translate to the Islamic State of Iraq while “al-Sham” refers to Syria or an undefined region around Syria.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)

The undefined region around Syria is historically referred to as the Levant; it includes Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine, and Jordan.

This name shows that the militants want their area of control to go beyond Iraq.

Islamic State

The militant group announced in June that they were dropping the last two letters of their acronym and instead should be referred to as just Islamic State.

However, in reaction to this leading Muslims have called for the name to be altered to discourage people from joining it. “It is neither Islamic, nor is it a State.

The group has no standing with faithful Muslims, nor among the international community of nations” the letter signed by the Islamic Society of Britain and the Association of Muslim Lawyers, said.

Suckered Again?

The Gilmer Free Press

Why must vengefulness be the default strategy for humans—the very thing we dislike and fear most about our adversaries?  Mob rule is a temptation we assume we have grown beyond, but have we? The media hounds and the war lovers like Senators Graham and McCain bay for blood, putting enormous pressure on the President to get suckered into a third Middle East war. To avoid the label of wimp, Mr. Obama had to say what he said in his speech to the nation on his strategy against ISIS, but what he said was only a palatable version of the vengefulness paradigm.

The agony of loss the parents of Jim Foley and Steven Sotloff must feel is beyond comprehension. But is their pain any different from the universal pain of violence and war that has been felt by the parents of murdered children time out of mind?—the pain of Aleppo, the pain of mothers in Gaza, the pain of innocents in Baghdad who found themselves on the wrong end of Shock and Awe, the pain of wedding participants in Afghanistan blown up under the pitiless eye of US drones, the horror of people having to jump from the twin towers to avoid being burned alive.

When we refuse to get sucked into the vengeful mob mentality, we see the cycle of violence objectively, including our own role in it—as colonial powers that created arbitrary borders in the Middle East at the end of World War I, and more recently as equally ineffective neo-colonial occupiers with ambiguous motives.  We see the Hobbesian atomization of conflict that has overtaken the region: the U.S. and Iran support Iraq. Iran, Iraq, Russia and Shia militias support Assad. The U.S. and the Gulf States want to contain Iran and prevent it from going nuclear. The Gulf States, the U.S. and Sunni militants want to defeat Assad. The Kurds, Iran, the U.S. and Iraq want to defeat ISIS, even as the Kurds have benefited from the chaos created by ISIS. For the United States, never seen as a disinterested party, to intervene militarily in this stew is madness.

We do not know enough about the motives of ISIS to be sure what they wanted to accomplish with the beheadings. On the face of it, such abhorrent acts appear to be an ongoing response in an endless cycle of eye for eye and tooth for tooth—like 9-11 itself. The leader of ISIS was mistreated at Abu Ghraib. The U.S. dropped bombs on ISIS soldiers. And it is also possible that they assume strategic advantage might be found by luring in the U.S. and its allies—perhaps to unite fragmented factions against a common enemy—us, if we choose to get suckered once again.

What is more certain is that thought-systems of violent revenge can take on a bizarre life in an endless cycle of hate and fear, preventing us from thinking outside the constricting box of compulsive military reaction. However tired of war we may be, we feel insulted and helpless—and that leads us to assume we have no alternative but to try war again.

We know from hard experience we will end up spending much more to defeat ISIS by military means, assuming any so-called defeat does not create more enemies than it destroys. We have alternatives. Extrapolating from our feckless campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, imagine some arbitrary sum roughly equal to a quarter of what we spent on those wars becomes an available resource to do something outside the box of war. In this alternative paradigm, weapons sales, to any party, would be an automatic no. That only pours gasoline onto fire.

One alternative model is Rabbi Michael Lerner’s Global Marshall Plan, the preamble of which goes: “In the 21st century, our security and well being depends on the well being of everyone else on this planet as well as on the health of the planet itself. An important way to manifest this caring is through a Global Marshall Plan that would dedicate 1-2% of the U.S. annual Gross Domestic Product each year for the next twenty years to eliminate domestic and global poverty, homelessness, hunger, inadequate education, and inadequate health care and repair damage done to the environment . . . ”

Such common-sense generosity helps undercut the motives of ISIS to attack Western targets and isolates extremists by building relationships with a majority of people who would be grateful for genuine humanitarian help. It is past time for the U.S. to abandon its knee-jerk assumption that pouring in yet more raw military force can end, rather than intensify, the tribal enmities tearing apart the region. George W. Bush in 2002: “Fool me once, shame on—shame on you. Fool me—you can’t get fooled again.” We’d better hope not.

~~  Winslow Myers ~~

Bon Appétit: Curried Lentil Soup with Coconut and Quinoa

The Gilmer Free Press


1 tbsp organic coconut oil
1 large onion, diced
2 cloves of garlic, chopped finely
1 tbsp root ginger, chopped finely
2 tbsp tomato paste
2 tbsp curry powder
0.5 tsp chilli flakes
4 cups vegetable broth
1 cup coconut milk
1 cup diced fresh tomatoes
1.5 cups dry lentils
1 cup dry quinoa
3 handfuls chopped spinach or kale
Black pepper and pink rock salt, to taste
Chopped fresh coriander to garnish


In a saucepan, heat the coconut oil over a medium heat and sauté the onion, garlic and ginger for a couple of minutes.

Add the tomato paste, curry powder and chilli flakes, and cook for another 1-2 minutes.

Add the coconut milk, vegetable broth, tomatoes and lentils. Cover and bring to the boil, then simmer on a low heat for 20-30 minutes, until the lentils are tender. Season with salt and pepper if desired.

Rinse the quinoa well and place it in a separate saucepan. Add a cup of water, cover and allow the quinoa to simmer for 10-15 minutes, until the seeds have opened out. Remove the lid and stir the quinoa until the remainder of the water has evaporated.

Remove the lentil soup from the heat and stir in the kale/spinach and allow it to wilt. Add the quinoa to the soup and stir well.

Garnish with the chopped coriander and serve hot.

GFP - 09.20.2014
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Ask the Doctor: Exercise Should Be Legitimate


DEAR DR. DONOHUE: You have written several times in the past about the formula used to determine the training zone for exercise.
It’s the one where you deduct your age from 220 and then take 60% to 75% of that number for obtaining the low and high heartbeat rate that puts you in the zone for benefiting from the exercise.
I am 45.
Following that rule, I have a lower heart rate of 105 and an upper heart rate of 140.
I don’t feel like I am exercising when my heart beats only 105 times a minute, and I am far from pushing myself when it beats 140.
I think that formula gives way too low numbers for most people. - J.M.

ANSWER: One of the elements of exercise is its intensity.
It has to tax the body enough to obtain healthful benefits, but it can’t be so strenuous that it’s a danger for people, especially older people.
That 220 rule might not tax you or the well-trained, but it is safe for everyone.
Since a rise in the heartbeat is a way to determine exercise intensity, pulse taken during exercise serves as a good guide for gauging whether the exercise is doing anything for you.
Other rules exist for checking how fast the heart must beat.
One is as follows: multiply your age by 0.8. For you, that is 36.
Subtract that number from 214; for you, that’s 178.
Take 85% of that number as your upper limit for heart rate, and take 70% as your lower heart rate limit.
Your training zone is 125 to 151 heartbeats (pulse) per minute.
For a fit person, that isn’t a dangerous zone.
For a beginner or older person, it might be.
All this math isn’t necessary.
A good rule to observe for things like walking and jogging is to do so at a pace that allows you to carry on a conversation.
Or you can use perceived exertion, something I also have written about many times.
The exerciser determines if the exercise is too easy, moderate or too rigorous.
Keep exercise at an intensity you believe is moderate for you.

Dr. Donohue regrets that he is unable to answer individual letters, but he will incorporate them in his column whenever possible. Readers may write him or request an order form of available health newsletters at P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475.

G-MM™: Meditation Moment


The seed is life waiting to be awakened from dormancy to new expression—a beautiful blossoming of greenery and abundance.

Its full potential is encased in its tiny form. The seed is also understood as the word of God. Although sown in liberal quantities, only seeds that take root and receive care and a receptive place to grow will be productive.  Nurturing a seedling to maturity, or a child to adulthood, requires care, effort and patience over a long time. So too is the path of Christian life full of effort and challenge. When the vulnerability of our faith is tested, Lord, give us patience to care and be receptive to your Word.

1 Corinthians 15:35-37, 42-49. I will walk in the presence of God, with the light of the living— Ps 55(56):10-14. Luke 8:4-15.

Vinton Ray Robinson

The Gilmer Free Press

Vinton Ray Robinson

Age 76, of Tanner, WV passed away on Thursday, September 18, 2014, at The Arbors of Marietta, with his loving family at his side.

Vinton was born April 10, 1938, the eldest son of the late Earl and Minnie (Lawson) Robinson.

On October 20, 1956, Vinton married his life-long sweetheart Mary Jane Ayers, who passed away earlier this year.

Vinton was a faithful Christian and active supporter of his church, Tanner Chapel.

He was a devoted father and grandfather who took pleasure in spending time with family.  He was involved in community organizations including Gilmer County Farm Bureau and Senior Citizens.

He and Mary Jane raised five children on their farm at Bullfork, and were honored as a past Conservation District Farm Family of the Year. Vinton especially enjoyed being outdoors, farming, gardening, and hunting. He was a skilled timber man who owned and operated a sawmill.  He also worked in the oil fields.

Survivors include his children: Debbie (Russ) Hern, Timmy (Bea Whipkey) Robinson, Tammy (late Mitchell) Stump, Terry (Tim) Hickman, and Brenda (Randy) Ball; ten grandchildren: Amanda (Matt) Deal, Hannah Hern, Tyler Hern, Joshua (Samantha) Hickman, Titus (Sarah) Robinson, Thomas (Annie) Robinson, Jonah (Britney) Stump, Kasey Stump, Caleb (Lindsey) Ball, and Chelsey (Matt) Robinson; and six great-grandchildren: Miley, Rilyn, and Jonah Jr Stump, Emeri Hickman, Stella Robinson, and Holly Deal. He is also survived by a brother Glen (Anne) Robinson, sisters Helen (Lloyd) Keith and Judy (Bill) Hardbarger, and many extended family and friends who will miss him dearly.

In addition to his wife of 57 years and his parents, Vinton was preceded in death by his mother-in-law and father-in-law, Bailey and Avis Ayers, brother Melvin Robinson and a son-in-law.

Funeral service will be 12:00 PM Monday, September 22, at Tanner Chapel, Tanner, WV.

Pastor Alfred Hickman, Rev. Tim Hickman and Rev. Matt Deal will conduct the service.

Burial will follow in the Smithville Cemetery.

Friends may visit the family from 5-8 PM Sunday, September 21 at the Stump Funeral Home in Arnoldsburg, WV and at Tanner Chapel from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM prior to the funeral service Monday.

In lieu of flowers, donations in memory of Mr. Robinson may be made to: Tanner Chapel, c/o Brenda Lawson, 68 Sun Valley Lane, Glenville, WV 26351.

Richard J. Light

The Gilmer Free Press

Richard J. Light

Age 78, passed September 06, 2014, at home after a two and half year battle with lung cancer.

He was born July 06, 1936, a son of Isreal Ray Light and Margaret D. Light of Buckhannon.

He was a resident of Jane Lew, West Virginia.

Richard was a member of Broad Street United Methodist Church in Weston and a past member of Chapel Hill United Methodist in Buckhannon.

He married Janice M. Moore in 1962 and celebrated 50 years of marriage on January 20, 2012.

Richard was a veteran, serving in the West Virginia National Guard and the Army Reserve as a Staff Sgt., Trp H, 2nd Recon Squad, 150th Armed Cav. He was retired after 21 years with Extrusion Technologies as plant manager, a pipe production plant in Buckhannon, WV. He was employed by Aries Telecommunication as business manager for WGBA Television Station in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where he became an avid Green Bay Packer fan.

He was a graduate of Buckhannon-Upshur High School, attended West Virginia Wesleyan College and was a graduate of the Ben Franklin School of Accounting at George Washington University. Richard was a Rotarion and active in the Chamber of Commerce in Upshur County for many years.

He leaves behind a wife, Janice Moore Light; a son, Steven B. Light; a daughter-in-law, Teresa Light; and a long awaited and much loved granddaughter, Isabella Reyal Light.

His parents, a sister and a brother preceded him in death.

A Memorial Service was held at the Broad Street Methodist Church, Weston, on September 15, 2014, at 11 AM with 30-minute visitation and service following at 11:30 AM with Rev. Richard Justice officiating.

The family requests that in lieu of flowers, that donations be made to the Broad Street United Methodist Church Scholarship Fund. More information on the scholarship fund can be had by contacting Debbie Shackelford at the Broad Street Church.

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